Enjoying the season

It really hasn't gotten cold here in Long Island yet, so not many of the neighborhood trees have changed, and there is a definite lack of leaves on the ground.  I'm not complaining though because the weather has been perfect (right around 70 and overcast/rainy, my favorite~), and I know the cold will come soon.  Even still, I'm doing my best to enjoy my favorite month and favorite season..

This is my all time favorite coffee mug (though I've been drinking an awful lot of tea lately..)

And this has become my favorite handmade gift..
Starting pre-school has meant that George all the sudden has tons of friends just his age, and we've been getting birthday party invitations like crazy~  I don't know any of the parents (or the kids) well so I didn't really know what to go with, but then I remembered how much fun George had with his apron, and how much Sabrina loved the one we made her.  Every 3-yr-old wants to help mom in the kitchen, right?

I put the elastic in the neckstrap on purpose this time, and it worked out pretty well.  The birthday girl loved it and I'm sure I'll be making more of these soon.
(He was such a good model this time, thanks George~)


  1. :) Love the apron! And he's doing a great job modelling it.

  2. He looks so freakin cute !!! (((smiles)))

  3. Cute apron and those photos - save them for the 21st?

  4. Adorable! My go to kid gift is a book - whatever Dominic's current favorite is.

  5. You ought to send these to a modeling agency. He could put himself through college!

  6. OMG !!! I just saw your quilts in progress. Im stunned by the Turq. monochrome ! It is so colorful , lovely!

  7. What a fun gift and very unique. Kids love having something special to wear, especially when helping out in the kitchen. They are so cute and so is George, of course. Bonnie

  8. Oh gorgeous! What a cute apron - and George isn't bad either ;) But I think you need a Long Island mugrug for that cup ;)


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