Sweet treats

Did I mention that I love Halloween?
So much that I make George have a halloween-themed birthday party every year?
Costas always says that we should save time and order a cake, but he just doesn't understand that it's so much fun to make sweets for the party!
Ghosts were made by piping melted white chocolate onto wax paper.  Add eyes in dark chocolate or sprinkles.

Cupcakes were from a box mix (pillsbury dark chocolate) with chocolate chips added in.  G and I made them together, then I frosted them, he added sprinkles, and I popped on a ghost.  The activity in itself was 10x as fun as eating them..

But they were pretty tasty..
For the record, we did get a bakery cake this year too, tres leche from the local Colombian place (I swear, Costas has something against American baked goods).  In silent protest, I didn't eat any, but I heard it was great.  Not as cute as my cupcakes though..
And the birthday boy-- Superman.  He was wearing two layers under the costume so it actually looked like he had all those muscles.  I have taken Jan-Maree's advice and started a file of photos to share at George's 21st.. I hope he realizes I'm doing it out of love..

So have you finished anything good lately?  You've got a few days left to put in the final stitches, because on Friday I'm hosting TGIFF!! 

Please come back and link up if you can!
I've got a bit of hand quilting to get done before I can claim to be finished.  I've actually got two projects ready.. but I'll show off one on Friday and the other on Saturday (?) for the Blogger's Quilt Festival. 
Busy weekend~


  1. Oh So So cute - the cupcakes and the birthday boy! And you are right it is so much more fun to make stuff for them when they are little - once they are big and cool (like my fifteen year olds) there will be far fewer chances to do it! Enjoy!!!

  2. Gee thanks for mentioning your totally awesome time with your sister who came ALL the way from Chicago to see you, her nephew turn 3 and carve his first pumpkin. I had an awesome time and can't wait to come back again!

  3. Happy birthday, Superman! Your cupcakes are boootiful!

  4. I'm loving your cakes! They're great! and Happy Birthday Superman!

  5. Happy Birthday George!! You are one SUPER birthday boy!!

  6. Hi Jess! So glad that you are hosting TGIFF! this week. Just checking in to see if things are still a go from your end. Let me know, M-R

  7. So cute! (Both George and the cupcakes.) Have a great Halloween!


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