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The problem with UFOs

is that when you pick them up again (the lucky ones), you can't always find all the pieces..
I wanted this spiderweb to be a big project, so I went out and bought plain newsprint at Office Max, big sheets, 18" x 24".  I cut them into 11" triangles, and made a nice template for the kites out of hard plastic.  I started the project, and then it got pushed aside.
For the longest time I kept one triangle pinned to my design wall so I wouldn't forget about it completely, and I stopped myself from using the 4 yards of taupe fabric in anything else, but when I started back in last week, I couldn't find the kite template for the life of me.
I rearranged the sewing room since then, pulled everything out of the closets in August when the roof got a leak, and did a huge sort and pitch overhaul to get rid of some clutter.  I had almost given up hope of finding it, but lo and behold, there it was, slid right between my other rulers.

and now I know when I started this quilt, March 22, 2011.  What were you doing then?
Do you do this too?  I have the habit of putting the date on anything and everything, to record my life through material possessions.  Any templates I make, any sketchbook entries.  I even wrote on the underside of the Ikea furniture I built for George.  I think there's something about seeing the passage of time in my own handwriting..

Maybe that's why I write on my quilts too.

*ETA:    it's just an archival safe black ZIG marker.  for labels I stablize with freezer paper, but on the diamond stars I just write really slowly..
(blogger isn't letting me comment on my own blog!)


  1. I do that all the time. A year after moving in we still haven't found the pins that hold up the shelves for our bookcases even though I know I unpacked them and put them somewhere "safe" so I wouldn't lose them. We did end up ordering new ones a few months ago but I'm still trying to find my "safe" location - who knows what else I put there!

  2. You should join us for!

  3. I spend most of my time searching for stuff. I am glad to know that I am in good company! I really would like to get more organized....or have less stuff.

  4. What do you use to write on your quilts. I love that idea.

  5. I like the idea of dating everything. I never seem to be able to recall start dates and times flies as we know. I need to start doing that. I try to keep track of projects by keeping them in individual small plastic bins. They take up room, but eventually I can find what I'm looking for and sometimes I even finish them and the bin remains empty for a while! (NOt often!) hehehe

  6. now I'm embarrassed. My UFO's are so much older than 2011. Are you kidding me? that is NOT a UFO, that is the project I started yesterday, and it is STILL on the table. (figuratively speaking of course)
    You want to see a UFO? I have a hooked rug I started when my son was 1. Now he's in his 30's. Now THAT'S a UFO.
    I think you are amazing.

  7. Yep, my UFO's are old enough to be your UFO's parents! love that you write on your quilts - makes them like little diaries!

  8. Actually despite my setting things aside together for my UFO's, I end up using some of the fabric on other projects. Then I have the challenge finding somethin else to work. Really not so bad.

    Chuckle, the blocks on the right side of your blog look familiar and I simply adore them.


  9. I have ugly kitchen chairs that I have recovered four times now and every time I recover them I write the date! My husband shakes his head every time I say it's time for a new cover and the hot glue gun and staples come out (but hey till he lets me get new ones these old things will just have to do!)

  10. What a great idea to write the dates down! I am going to do that, too (especially on Ikea-furniture, love that (-:).

  11. I love your idea of dating things. Maybe I'll start! It'll look like my life started in 2011.

  12. Yes I do... date to-do lists, quilt drafts and scratch notes, Christmas ornaments, a bit compulsive at times. But not food that goes in the freezer, can't figure that one. When we work a jigsaw puzzle I write the date and the a names of those that worked on it. That's kinda fun. Got that idea from a second hand puzzle that had the date and two names written on the underside of the lid.

  13. I love the idea of documenting the when and where of your hand sewing... what a historical record. Cool!

  14. Wow, that is smart, marking your templates... You got me thinking!


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