Rose Star Block Party

Although it wasn't completely obvious to me at the onset, a goal to "bust stash" really gives me free reign to start as many new quilts as I want, right?  win win!
When Clare first posted that she was going to share how she made her Rose Star quilt block, I knew I'd be up for whatever QAL she set up.  Lucky me, it turned into a block party with no overly demanding deadlines or expectations.. making just one block was fine, but.. can you really just stop with one?
I finished this one today, stitching up one of the sides during George's swimming lesson. 
Thank you, Clare, for giving me a handwork project to take with me.  As you know, I am no stranger to epp, but this block is so much different than the diamonds and hexies I've pieced in the past.  First off, the pieces are HUGE.
And surprisingly, they go together really fast.
(no, I did not stitch the whole thing at the pool, just one side [blue, green, green, print, blue] section.) 
And I have a new favorite shape-- the kite.  Yeah, it's a bit strange to baste with 90 degree angles, but it's sooo cute!  and versatile!  I can see myself getting sucked into an entire epp kite quilt, just you wait.
I have already cut and basted most of the templates for my second Rose Star block, let the block party continue~


  1. what a gorgeous star - I sense another gorgeous quilt coming on!

  2. Your block is great ! I am making this Rose and Star with 72 kites! That might be one for you to try!

  3. Ah Jessica thanks for sharing, I love to see progress posts.
    We are going for our first swim of 2012 tonight, I shall think of you sewing away!!

  4. Great block! And I love your swimming pool backdrop. You're so smart to be sewing with all these little kid activities.


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