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warm cuddly quilts on the couch = happiness.
a quilt done in the first week of the new year = happiness.

I love having this quilt on the couch.  The seed of inspiration came a looong time ago on a photo on Luckybeans' blog (which I can't find now) of a basket weave quilt with red center strips.  Thanks Katurah.  Never knew I'd actually make it, but now that I did, I'm glad I remembered where the idea came from.
Inspiration for the flowers came from a bunch of places, this one from the Material Obsession book, and this one by Nifty mainly.  Renewed love of applique thanks to Shelly, as I mentioned before.
the quilting, oh the quilting.. at first I thought I'd try clam shells..but a test piece didn't work out so well, so I opted to play around with flowers and swirls.  It was fun.  Some worked out the way I wanted, but I need more practice with meanders because I didn't always know how to get out of the area I had just quilted.. move up?  move right?  the pattern lended itself to going in a L--> R direction, but then I had issues rolling the whole quilt back up and shoving it under the machine again.  Thank goodness it was a small quilt.
I backed it in a soft vintage (1980s?) purple that I got out of the Atlanta guild's ugly box in 2003.  I had 4 yards of it, taking up space in the stash for years.. It just worked so perfectly with this quilt, I'm happy it found a home.   What is it with me and purple these days?  I think I just have so much of it and I was tired of feeling like I couldn't use it because I live with two guys.  Yeah, whatever.  A quilt is a quilt.  If I buy floral fabric or girly colors, I need to use it!  Enough of my self-imposed rules-- I commit to make what I feel like making~
On my label I used both nengajo stamps-- the bunny from 2011 and the sea horse from 2012.  God it feels good to have a finish in 2012 already...


  1. Congratulations!! The quilt looks great, and I love your whimsical quilting. I can't look at it without smiling.

  2. Congratulations!! That's quite a feat. It looks very cozy and cheerful - an asset to any living room :)

  3. That's wonderful! I love the colours and the sentiment! Good for you for such a strong start to the year!

  4. This is a fabulous quilt! Love your free form letters -- love the message!

  5. I love how 'ugly' material ends up looking beautiful and sometimes ends up being our favorite part! You did a great job!

  6. Hi Jess
    I love the backing and red binding combo!!
    Wish I had my flowering snowball finished so I could snuggle.

    I say have what you want in the house.
    I lived in a very crome manly home for a while, gradually I've softened it, and he actually likes the feminine touches!!

    Stay Happy!

  7. OH I LOVE this, especially the Choose Happiness!

  8. This is fantastic, I love how the red subtly brings it all together! Committing to what you feel like making is the only way to go!

  9. oh, it's wonderful, Jessica!!! love the sentiment and the design of the quilt. and a finish this big in January...even better!

    thanks for linking up!

  10. It's beautiful! Are the letters hand pieced or appliqued? I can't quite see.

  11. Thanks everybody.
    @Kris-- the letters are improvisationally free-pieced, as Tonya Riccuci teaches. Her book and blog are great places to start if you want to add words to your quilts. I just take some letter fabric and some background fabric and start piecing until it takes the shape I want. If you click the second photo you may be able to see the piecing lines.

  12. I love the idea of using the nengajo stamps to mark the time a quilt was started and completed. Where did you get yours? Just looking at that quilt makes me feel happy!

  13. @folkhaven-- the rabbit stamp came from my friend in Japan, the sea horse I bought at the Kinokuniya bookstore (Japanese bookstore) in NYC. I would be surprised if you can't find them online somewhere too, but I haven't looked..

  14. fabulous! I find Nifty really inspiring too!


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