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Making it fit

In my last post I hinted at an extreme packing nightmare and upcoming travel plans.. well,  this is the situation:

We are going to Greece early this year and staying for quite a while-- the entire spring actually.  Important stuff has been arranged at both ends (housesitter in NY, registering George for preschool in Athens) but now all that's left is the packing...

In past years I have always just brought handwork with me, but now that we'll be there for so long, C will be working and George will be at school, I decided this is the year to pack the sewing machine.  And.. fabric.  I've got a few special quilts and projects to get done before the summer and thought this would be a good chance to work on them.  Quilt fabric and notions I'm used to are almost impossible to get locally in Athens (if you know where to buy things like 100% cotton thread, Let Me Know!!) and rather than pay to ship them, I'm just taking an extra suitcase. 
Before I get comments saying how frivolous this sounds, let me point out that I'm already packing two season's worth of clothes, shoes and accessories for 3 people for 3 months.  Ask any mom who's tried, unless you want to look like tourists the entire time (same 5 t-shirts and 2 pair of pants worn in rotation), getting all that into 3 suitcases isn't easy.    Believe me, the extra space won't be all thread and fabric.  Of course there are some presents (who comes from America and doesn't bring presents?) and  I'm also planning to entertain the cousins with one kick a** American style egg hunt for Easter, thanks to the Oriental Trading Company.  So yeah, packing is going to be a challenge. 

If you've been reading for a few years, you know I am a seasoned traveler, but even me, whose child has been on over 30 planes before age 4, is anxious about this.. any suggestions?  What are your best travel and packing tricks?
I had grand ideas of whipping up a bunch of Jeni's draw string pouches but there just won't be time.  Maybe I can get some done before the vacation in our vacation (Paros again, woo hoo!)
At this point all I can do is take a deep breath and dive in.. wish me luck~


  1. Oh have a great trip! What a wonderful opportunity. I know you will have many great stories when you return. ox

  2. thoughts. Found this and am posting without edits.

    Start rolling. Most experienced packers already understand the significance of rolling your clothes to save major space in your suitcase. Fold each of your shirts in half lengthwise, then start rolling it up from the bottom hem up to the neckline. Do this with as many cotton and casual tops as you can in order to leave space for your dressier items that need to lie flat. Plus, rolled-up clothing items are more likely to fit side by side, allowing you to easily spot your outfits once you’re ready to wear them, instead of having to dig through layers and layers of stacked items.

    Also you can roll your socks into your shoes...smiles

  3. Welcome! Pack as much fabric as you can! I think you should find cotton thread because greek cotton is very much used even abroad, but I can't promise because I don't know the shops in Athens. I'm looking forward to hear your news from Athens!
    Best wishes from Crete and have a nice fligth! x Teje

  4. I'm very impressed. I have trouble getting enough for three into two suit cases for our yearly two week trek to Florida! Maybe you should post a packing tutorial (in your copious free time of course!). My Aunt always packs with those space saver bags that you use the vacuum to suck out the air. I've seen them at target. Good luck.

  5. No tips, but lots of good wishes for a happy time abroad. You will be our good will ambassador of quilting!!!

  6. Safe travels to your machine... and the three of you of course! LOL You are a brave sould leaving your machine in the hands of an airline!! Just sayin!

  7. I have no idea how I got here. But I love your block party blocks. I am going to make some, even though I have no right starting anything new right now. But those are so beautiful!
    This is an electrical question. Do you know what the current is over there? Will you be able to plug your machine in or do you have a current adapter (?) or plug adapter? Have a safe and happy trip!

  8. Just a suggestion, I would flip the sewing machine the other way in the suitcase so when the suitcase is standing up the bottom of the sewing machine will be on the bottom of the suitcase. Have a marvelous time.

  9. TEnho a dizer que seja feliz e aproveite seu filho ao máximo.Sou nova aqui em seu blog,mas andei para trás e vi como ele está crescendo rápido.Boa viagem aos três e que DEUS te abençoe e a sua família.Não se esqueça que gostamos de fotos também.


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