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Athens in early spring

I've never been to Greece this time of year before, so many things are new to lemons and oranges still on the trees in our garden:

Enjoying a sea-side playground in sweaters and jackets:

Spring fashion: (knee high boots in late March?  and I only brought flats!)  plus everyone is still bundled up in warm jackets-- this 60~70 degree weather is still really cold for them.
It's cold for us too-- concrete construction keeps the houses much cooler inside than it is outside-- something I've always been grateful for in the summer (75 inside is better when it's 95 outside), but the heaters are off already and we're pretty chilly inside now-- thank god I thought to bring slippers and my fleece hoodie!

Many thanks to all your good packing suggestions, I managed to get all our stuff in 4 suitcases and 2 carry-ons that clocked in just at or under the weight limit.  My sewing machine made it fine, but I haven't bought a transformer yet so I can't plug it in.  Thankfully, Theodora has offered to take me to the electronics shop, so I should call her this week and arrange to do that. Today we went to the local public nursery school to check it out and introduce ourselves.  George will start to phase in later this week and will go 5 mornings a week from next month.  Then we'll find our balance and routine here.

Already I'm finding lots of time to sew, especially at night after George goes to bed.  We don't have a tv in our "apartment" upstairs and there's not much else to do besides laundry and playing on line.. I realized quickly what a Netflix addict I am-- it's killing me that we can't get access here.  Also terrible that the American tv network websites will not show full episodes (hate to say it, but I miss!  i miss Glee and House!) when you're out of the country.  I've resorted to enriching myself through and browsing the complex world of quilting podcasts.  Btw, if you have any free online entertainment to suggest, I'd love to hear it~  which are your favorite quilting podcasts?  What about streaming live radio? was good for a while, but you can only quilt to the Cure for so long..
Need to charge the camera battery and then I can take some pictures of my new sewing space.  So far I've been a bit too distracted by the perfect backdrop and multiple photo ops like this one:


  1. Awesome lemons! My grandparents in Arizona had lemons & oranges ... who knew the Athens climate could be so similar? Enjoy getting (re-)settled in! I've been following your blog for a while, and love it, especially the EPP inspiration! THANKS!

  2. It looks gorgeous over there ...Well there is you can watch a lot of programs also Eleanor Burns tv ...ALso there are probably good long walks to take ?

  3. Welcome! I guess it was a difficult journey..Glad your up and running so fast!
    It is better to get out of the house than stay watching tv.....the weather will be a lot better in a few days, don't worry. I would suggest watch a movie in a theatre nearby...Hope to see you soon.

  4. Ooh, that looks wonderful... :-) Have a great time in Greece! Unfortenately, it doesn't work out for me to visit Greece in the coming months, I can't take a vacation until August. (And then we'll probably go camping.)

  5. When we lived in St. Kitts we used It's a compilation of free TV/movie resources.


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