Sewing in the kitchenette

As promised, here's a pic of where I'll be sewing for the next few months:
I am comfortable in my new sewing space, but I look around and it really isn't that cute yet.  Like, not cute enough to show off on my blog, you know?  But it's just temporary and I'm lucky to have any space at all.  When I first started coming to this house, oh, 11 years ago, this was the family's main kitchen.  It was crowded, cluttered, and HOT.  It feels so strange to have it all to myself now..
I still don't have my transformer yet so I've been passing the time with lots and lots of hand stitching.  I decided I'm going to collect all my stray threads and tails and see how big the pile gets by the end of our trip.  Random, but if you're a hand piecer, you know how fast they accumulate. 
Thanks for the free internet entertainment tips you sent in, there really is a lot available out there.  I thought I should clarify for a minute though-- I don't plan on sitting inside all spring and watching TV.. believe me, we definietly get out a lot!  Our social life here is quite busy, and we're close enough to the sea that we've been twice already in less than a week.   
But at night, after George goes to bed, I've got some time to spend just stitching and relaxing, and no TV to do it in front of.  This morning while he was at school I listened to greek radio streaming online, but it's comforting to have familiar stuff to listen to in English too. 
I've also had some time to catch up with what's going on in the online quilting world, which I'll admit I largely neglected for the past 2 months while I was teaching.  Seems like I jumped right from the rose star block party to the sprocket qal.  Man it's nice to know there are other EPPers out there like me.  So many beautiful stitches being taken,  so many pretty items being made.  I'm sure there's more out in blogland that I've been missing, but to me it just seems like everyone is hand stitching right now.  I'm in good company..


  1. Jess, I loooooovvve all the natural light...oh i need to find a second home somewhere near the water...lovely for you...enjoy and your sewing space looks wonderful. Perhaps Greece is your EPP side...miss ya.. E

  2. Maybe George is able to collect a lot of oceany thingys and put them in jars , like shells and little sea animals?

  3. Another place hand sewing popped up today:

  4. Hi Jessica you have a nice place set up, I hope you have time to stop by to see me ,let me know when and if you stop by ,so I can bring some of my projects I recently have been working on ,have a nice time. theodora

  5. I agree with Encyclopedia, natural light is great! I think your sewing space is so nice. I enjoy reading your blog.

  6. Hi Jessica, I've stopped by often. Wanted to let you know I'm hooked on the 60 degree diamonds! I absolutely love it!!! Thanks!! Hope you enjoy your stay in greece!! Sue


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