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A getaway

I went to London last week to meet up with some girls that I recently met through the blog.  It was awesome to finally see them in person.  Over the last few months we've been talking by phone and email and they have encouraged and inspired me so much, both in quilting and in life.  We talk art and design, colors and patterns, and they are always making me think of something new.I really value these new relationships and appreciate that they could all take the time to meet last week and talk over coffee and courgette cake (which was wonderful, btw!).
Though it was a short trip, we did our best to see the sights. 
Costas and George both had fun, and the three of us were exhausted from walking all over the city, which has quickly become one of my new favorites.  Most family photos are posted on facebook (for my family only), but I'll leave you with a bit of heaven-- I got to go to LIBERTY...

After an emotionally draining 9 weeks living in Athens, walking into Liberty was a brea…

A bit of this and that

I haven't done anything on my small projects sewing list, but I have spent some time stitching up other things..
like a super-belated bee block for Jackie:

And some repair work on one of George's little friends:
 (Why I attempted this with quilting cotton and a #10 between is beyond me..)

And that's about it.  We had a very full weekend with a Scouts' Barbecue and an African festival, which I may get around to posting about if I can sort out the photos.  Blogger is giving me a bit of trouble with uploads today so they may have to wait...

Small Project Sew along with CMQ!

This house needs more quilted love in it!  And May is a great month to spruce things up a bit.. So here's my list of small projects for AmandaJean's Small Project Sew Along:
Sewing Machine coverpin cushion for Zoepillow cover for the kitchenette couch pillow (pillows?)drawstring bags for our upcoming beach vacation!!Wall hanging for the upstairs hall It's only 5 things, but I doubt I'll finish them all.  How long is your list?


While browsing pinterest today, I found a link to a tutorial for an improv block.  Maybe you've seen it, it is done with the stack & whack method and reshuffling the fabrics.. the quilter made a really cute quilt from it, but my question is..

If there is a pattern, is it still an improv block?

(I am absolutely not intending to cause drama or criticism, just throwing an honest question out there to quilt-blog-land.. I know "improv" is "modern" but has the word taken on a new meaning while I was off line and busy sewing quilts?)