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December Mod Meeting

Yesterday I trekked into the city for the December Metro Mod Guild meeting.  It was the first time in our new location and while we will definitely miss the huge artistic inspiration that comes from BEING in Victoria's loft, I must say that having TABLES was pretty cool. 

Christa and I worked on some EPP, I got to meet and chat with members I hadn't really talked to before, and I won the raffle prize, V's book!
Nice big space!
Here are some of the quilts I could get photos of..
Made by Bernadette

By Helen, from her bee blocks at Two's Company

A bee quilt by Margaret

An awesome scrap quilt by Tina
The one cool thing about the new space is that it has a balcony area, so I climbed up and asked Christa to take a picture of my SV quilt (top done!).  The lighting was off (must play around with this some more), but the space sure does have lots of potential.


  1. I really like the pieced border after the white, looks great! I bet you didn't make much of a dent in your scraps. I think they multiply in the dark. ;)

  2. That SV quilt top looks great, even if the colors aren't true to life.

  3. Looks like a great meeting space. Tables always a bonus for working on quilting! Love the SV work. Wonder if that included bias cut squares?

  4. Hi Jessica! I'm so happy to see you with your quilting friends! That place looks great! x Teje

  5. Congrats on your new meeting space and on your completed SV quilt - it looks great! P.S. My quilt is coming home from the publisher today - can't wait to get it back in my hot little hands!

  6. Your SV quilt turned out Great! I love the white inner border. It gives the eye somewhere to rest and frames the inner focus blocks. Great Job!

  7. Oh I'm so disappointed I couldn't make the meeting, it's great to see the photos though. Everyone's quilts look fab as always and look at that shot of you with your SV quilt - marvellous :)

  8. Oh that SV quilt top is great! And yay tables! So sorry to have missed it.


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