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I read two really beautifully written blog posts last week, and they resonated with me in how I feel about quilting and the creative process.  How I feel about being a quilter.  First was this amazing post from Chase  (especially the paragraph under the 5th photo).  And then this one from Little Island Quilting, which I'll quote a bit of here:
"My quilts are all just an expression of who I am and the journey I took to get there."
It’s the end of the year (almost) and people are starting to get reflective.  I want to make more quilts that reflect who I am.  I guess I have been doing that, but I need to feel the satisfaction of having done that once I finish them.. maybe it’s a psychological thing.  But anyway..

I finshed something.
It’s big, REALLY big, but it’s not exactly done yet (they haven’t signed off and paid me yet..)
Oh Daruma, we're almost there!
You have no idea (well, some of you might) what it’s like to be at the end of this year-long journey, and project that seemed impossible from the start, manageable in my daydreams, and harder than anything I’ve ever done in reality. 
It kept me busy.  It made me think.  It brought me closer to friends and made me hone my skills.  I feel—accomplished. 

But it also caused a horrible amount of stress and sleep deprivation, tested my endurance and my marriage.. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? (Costas, I love you.)
And someone asked me lately, “Was it worth it?”  My answer, “I don’t know yet.”

I wanted to write this post to capture how I’ve been feeling this week, at the project’s end, but I really don’t know how I feel about the whole process until I can share it with you.  When it’s DONE done, I’ll let you know (probably by screaming from the rooftops), but until then I guess I just need to let the experience marinate, and perhaps move on to something else?
I’ve got an orphan block quilt up on the design wall.. it’s not what I’m “supposed” to be working on this month, but it’s really speaking to me, so I need to see where the idea takes me..


  1. I can't wait to see it! I'm sure you will feel it is worth it!

  2. I'm excited to hear the details of your big news. Sounds like a lot going on for an expectant mom. Take care of yourself...
    Oh, and I'm dying to hear more about your star quilt that is rumpled up next to your sewing machine in a photo above.. Still working on mine.

  3. Love the orphan blocks! That would draw me away too . . . when can you disclose your news???

  4. Love your spare parts quilt! Best wishes with your big project!!

  5. Dear Jessica, I'm waiting so exited to hear more about your project! What that could be?! All the best to you! x Teje

  6. Ohhhh, I love a mystery! And your blocks and piecing look fab :)

  7. hehe it will be so worth it...a great achievement Jessica!
    What is the ornament you're drawing?

  8. I love the idea, but perhaps moving the blocks around more (i.e. separating similar blocks) so they don't seem so disjointed might help. Just my two cents, feel free to disregard. :)

  9. That Little Island Quilting person sounds ever so nice ;-)

  10. The orphan quilt has great beginning. A great interruption from what you are supposed to do.
    You have a great eye for color. Also very much love the squares quilt. The blue and white squares really hold it together.
    Since I have no idea what life would be like without quilting, it must be my quilts reflect me.

  11. I LOVE orphan block quilting! I often have to take breaks with non-planned spurts of creativity! Its a way to cleanse the pallet, like in a meal. I look forward to seeing your completed year's journey.


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