Happy Easter!!

It is not always easy to combine cultures and traditions in regards to holidays in our house (especially when said holiday falls right at the end of a busy semester).  Easter was much easier last year when we were actually in Greece.  But as a mom it's my job to try to find fun in anything we do, so this is a peek at how we did Easter this year..

A little crafting..

Some egg decorating..

Easter baskets..

Family time..

No church, candles, visits to or from any bunnies.  No lamb on the spit, no family party.  It's tough, pulling it together on your own.  Easter is such a social, traditional holiday, aside from the spiritual religious part.  But we're doing our best.

There's an egg hunt planned for this afternoon and Greek food for dinner.   (and maybe quilt binding during nap time? but I won't get my hopes up..)


  1. Happy Easter! Looks like a fun day, great pictures. Quote for last one, "I want to be just like you when I grow up"!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun!! My mum just got back from Greece and confused me when she said happy easter today! Happy Easter to your family :) You're doing awesome!

  3. Happy Easter!! Love that last photo of Jack looking up to his big brother. Enjoy the day - you've made a great day for your family.

  4. And you did a great job with those kids so far. Happy Easter! Tomorrow we'll Skyp. I love you!


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