Monday Morning Star Count

I've been talking to some friends about starting up a weekly EPP Tally to help us make a dent in those long-term hand piecing projects.  Lots and lots of people are very close to finishing quilt tops, and others have just started, but I think a little friendly encouragement in the form of a weekly linky will do us all some good.

I'm calling it the Monday Morning Star Count, but you don't have to be working on a diamond star quilt to join up.  If you want to play, just take a photo of your current EPP project and upload it to flickr or write a blog post about it, and link that url in the linky below.  Be sure to tally up how many units (stars, sprockets, flowers, Tanukis, etc.) you have done already and how many more you have to go. 
This month I've been slowly working away at my rain hexies and I have decided to make them into a zipper pouch like this one

I have 33 hexies and 4 half hexies joined already.  I also have a piece of 9 hexies joined that are ready to be added to the whole.  I need a total of 72 hexies and 10 half hexies.  So this means I've got 39 hexies and 6 half hexies to go~ 

When you make your tally, you can choose how you want to count things-- by row, by star, by flower, etc.  You choose if you want to count only what's added to the whole or count all of the units you've got ready.. you know me, I'm pretty free like that (not a fan of rules, hehe).  So, who's ready?


  1. Great idea! I haven't yet begun the Japanesque hexie quilt that has been sitting in the back of my brain for years. It may just happen if I have to show my progress.

  2. Thanks for the link to my blog! 24 blocks to go and I just can't help planning the next project. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of your book to help with that.

  3. Sounds like fun! English Paper piecing is such a great summer project. I've downloaded your book on my Kindle, and have really enjoyed it.

  4. Super idea! I have 2 EPP projects going (slowly), so I'll have to take some current pics to link up soon! This may be just the motivation I need to keep more consistent progress happening.

  5. What a great idea Jessica!!! Finally, for all of us who are going so slow working with EPP!!! By the way it is the best project for the summer, for the beach!!!

  6. Just found you, thanks to your new book! I read it all through as I sat in the book store waiting for my sister to finish shopping! Absolutely LOVE it! I have never done EPP before, but am inspired now and can't wait to try some of your projects!


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