Monday Morning Star Count 2

Good morning~
How's the stitching going?

I have a bit of progress to show.. 
My Rain pouch project now has 52 hexies and 8 half hexies, and you can see I've got the rest laid out and ready to sew.
The bottom 3 rows aren't attached yet, with two hexies left to baste.  Of course, as luck would have it, I ran out of paper templates with one hexagon to go.. I need to stitch the rows on and free one up to continue.
If you find yourself in a similar predicament, don't fret! has their 4th of July sale up already with free shipping on all US orders and free shipping on International orders over $70.  Never run out of templates again~

Browsing pictures of EPP online, I see a lot of people just baste and baste and baste.  Beautiful pictures of 100s of pretty hexagons in boxes, stacks, piles.  Are you that type of quilter?  Me, I prefer to reuse templates, and stitch them together as soon as possible.  On star quilts, I often make one star at a time.  BUT, I have found that having extra templates basted gives you much more freedom in "random-ish" design placement options.  Even in this Rain hexie piece.. having a bunch of the fabrics basted let me play around with arrangement a couple of times before settling on this not-quite-arbitrary layout.  How do you play as you're sewing?  Link up below and tell us.


  1. Awesome work! Hoping to link a post later today. I can relate to your style - baste a few pieces, stitch together, reuse the templates. I've never really been one to baste neat stacks of hundreds ... possibly because I love the quick gratification & variety of basting a few and then stitching them right up. You're right, though - having more basted allows for more options: also a good thing.

  2. I prefer to reuse templates, and stitch them together as soon as possible.

    Yep me too!

  3. It is so much fun to see everyone's progress. I use templates and stitch them as I go too!

  4. I think I will baste a bunch and then play around with them before I sew together...if I can wait that long.

  5. One of my on-going projects is a hexagon quilt. When I started out last January I basted at least 8 hexies with the same fabric. I had a whole slew of sets of 8 and like you I noticed that I was running out of paper. So I whip-stitched them together and removed the paper after I spray-starched the hexies. Here's a link to my WIP:

    I have made a bunch more after I took this photo.

  6. I just got into hexies this past winter as a great project for those cold days when I just want to stay home( I am in ND). I love doing hexies. I just joined your site as want to see that finished quilt.

  7. my book is still in the post. Hmmm, my EPP progress post is scheduled for tomorrow - i will have to remember to come back!

  8. Rarely has rain been so beautifully cheerful. Thank you also for keeping us all on track. It's lovely to feel the stitchy connections being sewn. Enjoy Greece! JJ

  9. I do a combo...I tend to baste a bunch of scrappy pieces and then whipstitch those together. That way I can see some progress and get to reuse papers. I did have to go buy more half hexies papers for my twistedHex project but it's going to be a big quilt so that's ok, especially since I just found another design to make with the half hexies when this one is done.


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