DWR Template Giveaway Winner

The lucky quilter is...


It must feel really good being back home!!

Mmm...curves, are really really intimidating, but this challenge seems really cool..and "challenging", maybe I should give it a try...
In real life curves are a simple reality, if you know what I mean!

Thank you for the chance to win!

You're welcome, Z!  I'll get these templates in the mail to you this week and I'll be anxiously waiting to see what you do with them~

Thank you everyone for entering the giveaway.  Good luck with your Double Wedding Rings.  I hope to see all of you entering the Challenge before the December 1st deadline!!!



  1. Thank you so much Jessica!!! You've really made my day!!! No there is no excuse- I have to participate in the Challenge!!!

  2. Look at that you just got back from Greece and you are already sending a package to Greece, and there are only like 3 quilters here, lol! Congrats Zafeiro maybe when you are done with them I can borrow them :)


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