Monday Morning Star Count 5

37 tiny hexagons make one star.  Repeat.  And again, and again..
So I'm not that far yet, I don't even have a full star to show this week, but I have news to report-- I need more fabric.

I have basted all of the tiny crumb scraps I had in my sewing kit, and now I need to find more, yay!
I don't have to look far, honestly, but since we've been home I haven't really had time to "play" in the sewing room and things are pretty much the way I left them 7 weeks ago. (I do follow Victoria's tip to never clean/reorganize your studio before a long trip-- makes it easier to remember where you left things)

I'm happy because this means that I'm actually using up my tiny scraps-- some have been sitting here for over 10 years-- and it's always better to see favorite fabrics in a quilt than in a box, right?

How are things progressing at your end?  Anyone else need to replenish your fabric stash yet?


  1. It's a great thing how many little scraps a bit of EPP can use up! Nice work. Thanks again for hosting these weekly link parties ... they've been a great inspiration!

  2. So pretty Jess! :) Book still not arrived Dogs being trained to attack postman.

  3. This is so fun! I am enjoying working on the hexagons and seeing what everyone else is doing!

  4. I still have lots of indigo-esque fabrics, but I picked up a few more at QBL....naturally!

  5. Super cute!I love seeing hexagons projects.

  6. Today the royal baby was named George! What a nice name for a prince!!


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