Monday Morning Star Count 3

I have done so many exciting and crafty things in the last week, and I'm dying to blog about them all, but the baby (and inconvenient Wi-Fi range) are complicating things a bit. 
If you follow me on instagram (@jessica_alex) then you may have seen the pics from yesterday's awesome Etsy Craft Party that we had here in Athens.  I want to share all the photos and add in the links to the shops of the very talented crafters I met there, and if I don't do it in the next day or so, someone remind me, will you?  Thanks.  It was fun, but I was the first quilter most of them had ever met, hehe.

In epp progress news-- my Rain hexies aren't finished yet-- there's less than an hour of stitching left to assemble them all, but I don't have any basting spray with me here and I got caught up in a new project so.. (yep, that's just how I do things.  work on whatever holds my attention for as long as it lasts..)
I started making stars out of tiny hexagons:

I finished one (above) and started on a second (below).  I want to make 7 stars and then figure out how to put them together, so I've got 6 and a half to go~

Are you all still working on the same projects or have you been bad like me and have jumped around?  No judging here!  Just link up and tell us your progress.


  1. Your hexagon stars look great! I love the colorfulness and variety! Looks like a fun project - I love tiny hexagons! I'm hoping to link a blog post with my latest progress in a little while.

  2. I want to start a real project soon and join in on the Monday morning count, but for now want to show you my first little epp project (one block) - start here
    and finish the next day, here
    Maybe by next week I'll have an epp project going. Thanks!

  3. I really like your hexagon star! So far I have stayed with my one project. But each time I look through the links. I find something I want to make. I am so glad I found epp. It frees me up to be with my family while still getting in some sewing time.

  4. Love your colorful hexagons!

  5. Your little hexies look so beautiful, I love your colours!
    At the moment I'm a little intimidated of a project with such tiny hexies, but maybe some day...

  6. Loving your blog....but have absolutely NO idea how to add my link to your page! I love EPP, and have done for the past 20+ years. I did join your Flickr group though....that was about the limit to my technical prowess!!! x

  7. I jump around all the time. There are just too many temptations in this quilting world. Even within a category such as EPP, there are many ways to go. I love your rain hexies, but the prints in your stars are so that bumblebee!

  8. Hi Jessica! I got your book today on the post! I just wanted to tell you that I love it (I knew I would), it is nearly 10 pm in this side of the globe and I am preparing tomorrow's lunches for my family, and guess what, I can't wait to go to my scrap bin and start a new epp!!!!! I might not sleep tonight!, ha,ha. Well done!!!!!!.


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