Monday Morning Star Count 8

Good morning!  Before I report on my own progress, I need to send you all over to Frederick's blog to check out the Rose Star quilt that he just finished.  Frederick and I share a love of EPP (I think he'll tell you I started it, but really, he has been an inspiration and motivation to me more than he gives himself credit for.  Check out his other quilts while you're over there..) and I have been watching as this quilt grew for months.  Clare's Rose Star pattern and tutorial is a great place to start if you're interested in playing with multi-template English paper piecing patterns.  I made a few myself but then had to shelve them when the book came along.  They are fun in that you get to play around with fabric combinations differently than with a one-patch pattern.  There's a flickr group that Frederick links to, tons of inspiration can be found in there as well..

But back to my own stars.. I finished star #5, and have laid out all the hexies for star 6, but it has just been sitting on my kitchen table this past weekend, taunting me. 

I really wanted to sew it together, but unexpected summer fun kept popping up instead-- a movie with Costas, a day in the city with my relatives from Chicago, watching George teach his dad how to play Super Mario Brothers.. I knew the EPP could wait.

How about you?  Steadily stitching or easily distracted by end of summer fun?  Link up and tell all!
(BTW, just because I post on Monday mornings doesn't mean YOU have to!  Link up any time during the week, we'll still pop over and check out your work~)


  1. Wow! Thanks for those great links. I see a Rose Star quilt in my future. Loving EPP!

  2. Looks like great progress on your stars! I know what you mean about end of summer activities taking priority over hand stitching - I can relate! Thanks again for hosting a great link party!

  3. Love the look of your stars, they will look great all together, and I know what you mean, sometimes outside activities are more attracting than crafts (wait, did I really say that?!). But cooler days and nights aare on the way, the time for more crafting will come!

  4. Kiss that cute little redhead for me!

  5. I love seeing projects progressing, but these beautiful summer days only last so long, enjoy!

  6. Thanks Jessica for the links and the inspirations. Summer fun calls me away today.


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