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Sometimes there are people that come into your life that are so special, you don't know how to express your love in any way other than making them a quilt.
Of course, I would love to make quilts for everyone I love, and I hope I get to some day.  Like for my grandmothers, and all my aunts.  For my cousins and all their children... maybe one day.
But sometimes, the timing is just right, and you'll find yourself with a person, an event, and just enough time to make them a quilt. 
Little B lives next door. 
She and George get along pretty well and her family has taken us in, treating us as one of their own, inviting us to every family party and making us feel not so alone out here. 

So when the invitation came for her birthday party a few weeks ago, I knew this was the year I'd make her a quilt.
I had some maverick star blocks in my UFO pile so I pulled them out, made a few more, squared them up, and added some sweet sashing.
 A big pink border and some swirly quilting and I had just the quilt I needed.  I won't lie, it was tough to get it pulled together in the 10 days I did.  I stayed up too late a few too many nights and for as happy as I was to quilt, I really think I should sleep more to keep my family happy. 

It didn't end up very big, just big enough for a little girl to cuddle under. 
I'm having fun reworking old UFOs this year.. it's making me look at my stash and quiltmaking in a new light and it's been refreshing.  I also like making smaller quilts (wasn't I complaining about that the last time?), they are just so much more manageable for the amount of time I have now.  Big projects seem so overwhelming and... messy.  I do want to get a new quilt (king size) on our bed before the end of the year, but we'll have to see how our routine changes when the school year begins.  For now, I'll keep piecing hexagons to keep my fingers busy, enjoy the quilts I have around me, and keep daydreaming of all the other things I hope to make someday.


  1. How adorable! She is one special little girl.

  2. "For now, I'll keep piecing hexagons to keep my fingers busy, enjoy the quilts I have around me, and keep daydreaming of all the other things I hope to make someday."

    you have summed it up for me too. I want to make one BIGGUN and then stick to the smaller more manageable ones.

    I love what you made for little B, she is so adorable! I bet she was really excited to have her own quilt.

  3. It's gorgeous Jessica and I really love that you added the two star blocks with white backgrounds - this breaks the whole thing up perfectly and gives the eye something to rest on, fab :)

  4. It's wonderful! You can tell she really loves it. I'm sure this one will go to college with her.

  5. What a great quilt! And an adorable little B too. ox

  6. Thanks everybody. I was so happy to see her cuddled in it to watch a movie with George a few days ago. It's easier to give away quilts when you get to see them often, hehe.

  7. You made a little girl happy in just 10 days. That is awesome! You are a great neighbor and Little B will never forget you. I too like to see my relatives enjoying their quilts, even if its just photos of them enjoying it. I have 8 brothers and sisters all of whom have at least 2 kids. They all have quilts sometimes 2 depending on when they got their first quilt.

  8. That quilt is just perfect for her! She will never forget you!

  9. what a happy quilt and looks like a happy gal! i know what you mean about needing to get a new bed quilt done. we have a new, king size bed and i have to get a quilt done for us. one of my tops would work, but i would have to add a round of blocks all the way around it to make it fit. just have to find time to get on that! haha.

  10. So sweet! I love the photos and the quilt is perfect for this little bundle of joy, full of life girl. Thanks for sharing.


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