Scrappy Plus Along

Oh Instagram.. you are always there, always giving me eye candy, tempting me with coupon codes and pretty fabrics.  Pictures of quilts and pets, pets on quilts, babies, food..
This week Brenda put up a nice simple quilt block, and she tagged it #scrappyplusalong.  Hmm.  Then another, and another.  There are so many wonderful quilt alongs happening now on IG, but none of them made me want to drop what I was doing and sew a block until this one..

This is very very fun, does anyone else want to join in?

Oh, and thank you so much for all the great arts and crafts suggestions!  I have browsed the links and plan to start on a few projects as soon as I collect some materials (kicking myself for donating all of my yarn 2 years ago..).  From the stuff George has brought home this first week, it looks like they are actually getting pretty creative over there after all-- scissors, glue, tissue paper, drawings.. but it's all focused on the day's lesson, which is great.  When he gets home from school, all he wants to do is play in the yard with dirt, sticks and rocks.. he mixes them with water into "potions", so maybe I should do some searches for science activities.  Updates to follow~


  1. I didn't get the pattern until I saw the four together. The "big picture" is different from the individuals. I like it!

  2. I haven't Grandma Gliter's since I was a kid!! Oh the memories....

    Auntie Lori will be more than willing to do both art and science when I come to visit. VULCANO TIME!!!


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