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Arts and Crafts-- Suggestions Please!

George starts Kindergarten this week and while that's really exciting, I'm also feeling a bit overwhelmed and under-prepared..

We went to the orientation last week and the teachers gave us an idea of the curriculum and activities the kids will work through.  It seems like it's very focused and academic, which is great, but they made it seem like the kids won't have much time for arts, crafts, music and phys. ed.  All that falls back on me then..

While I've always been good at seasonal crafting with George, I feel like I've got to step it up this fall because he won't have the creative outlet at school (his Pre-K was VERY crafty).  So, do you have any suggestions of your favorite fall crafts for kids?  Indoor, outdoor, messy, calm.. I'm open to all ideas.  If you can send links, photos, descriptions, that would really help.   I used to be so good about pinning things to Pinterest, but now I just don't have the time to browse and get sucked in, you know?  I will go back to my "Being a mom" board, but this week, any help you give will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!!


  1. Wow! I home schooled our son so I had all of that in my curriculum. The best resource is Amanda,
    Just check out her blog, it is full of ideas, they even have a magazine.

  2. We homeschool as well, and have always done crafts that are connected with what we are studying--along with the seasonal crafts. I used to be a kindergarten teacher--SAD if they will not be doing very many creative projects in the school!

  3. I forgot to mention these guys have had learning crafts on their website for yrs ..I am also looking for places because I have a 2 yr old and 5 yr old grand daughters that come over often..Also Hope that helps.

  4. Arts and crafts seems to be covered. I have a suggestion for your son's phys. ed. Enroll him in a martial arts school. Not only will he get the physical activity he needs, he will also learn the kind of discipline and self-confidence every young man should have. Martial arts schools also hold competitions which my son really loved participating in. I recall needing to leave the office promptly at 5pm to pick-up my son to drive him to his martial arts class. He enjoyed it so much, he never missed a session.

  5. I enjoy collecting pretty autumn leaves and pressing them between sheets of waxed paper to make things like place mats or hanging decorations for the windows. The sunlight comes through and shows off the colors. I don't have a link but it's something you will find pretty easy to do.

  6. I remember back when my son was your son's age (eons ago, lol) his kindergarten also helped the children with some basic "cooking" skills. It helped them with following directions, seeing where their food actually comes from, etc. The class made butter with cream and marbles inside of a jar. At home my son helped me to make applesauce. I peeled and cut everything into big chunks and gave him a plastic knife to chop the pieces up even smaller. He knew he loved applesauce, but until that day he never knew it actually came from apples! His kindergarten also cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner every year. The kids had fun kneading the dough for the bread, making butter from scratch, etc. It was a wonderful experience. My son seemed quite amazed to find that butter started out as a liquid, etc. Just a thought!


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