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Blogger's Quilt Festival (and Quilt Retreat Invitation)

I was racking my brain (and sewing room) for something to enter in this fall's Bloggers' Quilt Festival.  My Lime String quilt isn't finished yet and I haven't had time to work on much else.  Then it occurred to me that I never did a real blog post on Travel Quilt #3, the one that is featured in my book.  So, here it is:
I started this quilt in July 2010, stitched the last diamonds by hand in February 2012, and had the entire thing finished in October 2012.  I took a few detail shots of my own, but then it went straight on to my publisher for photography for the book.  (And I wasn't supposed to blog about it til the book was released!) It ended up on the back cover, which I was really pleased about.  This is the third in my Travel Quilt series and the first time I actually wrote on the stars as I pieced them.  The full pattern and instructions, including step-by-step photography, is available in the book
Long arm quilted by the brilliant Shannon Couvillion in Ge…

Strings with Lime

I started a BIG quilt last month.  I've been posting bits and peeks of it on IG, but I think I'm ready for a real blog post.
I'm making a full sized string quilt in blues, turquoise and lime.  These are "my" colors.  So much that I just feel sucked into a very happy comfortable place whenever I work on this quilt. 
Strangely though, they were not "my" fabrics-- I am making this at the request of a blog reader (Hi, Lisa!!) for her daughter, and together we chose and purchased fabrics online (from Hawthorne Threads, amazing selection!!).  Lisa picked beautiful fabrics.  Amy Butler, Jennifer Paganelli, Lizzy House.  Gorgeous designer fabrics that I never would have even browsed because I have a working-class aversion to designer fabrics (and paying full price for them).  I don't know why I have this aversion-- I certainly end up spending the same amount of $ on lesser-known designer fabrics or down-right junk from the sale bins.  Maybe it comes from th…

Going to Market?

Me?  Sadly, no.  But this mini quilt from my book will be there, in the booth!
The patterns in the back of the book were all just done as samples (except for p. 109, Ayane's star.  There's a photo of the quilt on p. 48), so I quickly added borders and quilted it up in time for Market.
I took a few photos of the process, and while it's far from a full tutorial, I thought I'd post them to show how I did it..

* First I cut border strips 4" wide and lined one up with the lines on my cutting mat.  Then I carefully placed the freshly-pressed EPP patchwork on top, overlapping the bottom edge of the border. (When you press your EPP, remember to tuck in any seam tails).
* Next I took my ruler and lined up the top of the border strip with the 4" mark on the ruler.  I gently pulled the EPP down until the inner points of the edge were aligned with the ruler's 1/2" mark. (Look at the 9 at the center of the ruler).
* Then I carefully pinned the E…