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A new space for me

A while back I decided that moving the sewing room downstairs would really be the best for me.  I loved my upstairs sewing room with tons of space, a big design wall, and huge closets, but it was far from the rest of the family and unfortunately positioned just above both our room and George's bedroom.  That meant every nap time, every night after bed, I had to tiptoe up there and run the risk of waking someone with the sound of the machine. 
This room, on the other hand, had been set up as an office for C, but over time he stopped coming here to do work, preferring to work at work or take his laptop to the couch in the family room.  This became a cluttered storage space and its inefficiency drove me crazy.  The washer and dryer are here, this is our laundry room, so it just made more sense to have the sewing machine here too. 

(Look, plenty of space to fold clothes!  Eventually this is where the machine will go)
The transformation has started and I like where it's headed.  I can sit and type within earshot of the kids playing, and there's a big glass door to the family room so I can watch them too.  I'm hoping to be able to make this a functional part of the house again (and gain some organization in the process).
For the moment I've only moved in furniture and books, and I'm a bit scared to start bringing in fabric.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to sort fabric and destash a whole bunch as I move things into their new positions.  I've got some events coming up and I'd love to be able to sell off some stash/scrap packs.  The problem with going through fabric though is that I find things I forgot I had and then I get ideas for new projects and... before I know it the mess is bigger than it was when I started and I haven't gotten rid of anything.  I almost want to say NO sewing until the room is complete, (except for my current EPP, of course) but we'll see how that goes..


  1. It looks likes a really nice space. Good luck with move and organizing.

  2. It's a great feeling to move things around to improve efficiency. When my kids were little I did the same thing - prioritized having the sewing room right nearby. You won't regret it!

  3. I started moving my crafty stuff into a new room, too! Having a bit of a mental block with moving the fabric as well...I wonder why?

    Good luck with your moving plans!

  4. Looks like a great space for you. I always look at moving fabric as a chance to play with my fabrics and see old friends. LOL. Enjoy the process.

  5. Congratulations on your new sewing space! How cool to have a sliding glass door between you and the rest of the family. There, but not. Is that your little baby on his two little feet?!

  6. Did I see a wine frig in one of those pictures? I've found that wine and 1/4 seams don't always work well together-- he, he. Sorry, I had to tease you. Your new space looks wonderful and I'm sure you will enjoy it. Please share pics when you're all set up.

  7. I think you just might need some quilt friends to help you inaugurate your new sewing space!

  8. This looks like a perfect solution! I'm sure you will get a lot done in your new space.

  9. How exciting! And, hooray for sewing spaces near family-spaces. Most of my sewing happens in/near our family's main living areas. It's great for being near the kids, and keeping an eye on things and (kind of) working the sewing-time in around regular family stuff! Good luck with the sewing-room transition, and keep up the good work.

  10. Wow! Wish I was there to play with fabric with you.


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