Little things to make me smile

Have you pulled your EPP works in progress (or UFOs) out of the closet yet?  Getting ready to start our Star Counts?  Make sure to put fresh paper clips in your sewing kits and stick new needles in your pin cushions!  You don't want to get stuck with a broken needle and no spare!
(This happened to me a few weeks ago at swimming lessons.  Thank god I had extras)
Speaking of pin cushions.. a few months ago my friend Eri made me this adorable tiny one from a soda bottle cap.  How cute!  And it hardly takes up any space in my sewing kit at all (1" hexies for scale). 

What does your sewing kit look like, anyway?  Maybe that can be our season opener-- for your first MMStarCount post, include a pic of your sewing kit so we can see what you see when you sit down to EPP.  (Yes, I'm nosy like that). First MMStarCount linky will go up Monday morning, New York time.  Hope you'll join the fun~

The sewing room transformation is coming along.. today I brought in a WIP from 2008!  Yes, that's what happens when you move stuff off of piles in the sewing room.  Buried in the bottom of the closet was this box of.. Economy Blocks!
I have been very tempted to join the Economy block along on Instagram but I felt funny starting something new with no purpose instead of working on a UFO or making one of the gift quilts I've got in mind.   I thought I could add another round to these signature blocks my old guild made for me and turn them into something.. I pulled fabrics and tried to lay things out, but then my "helper" came along and that was that.  Back in the box, but at least it's on the shelf in the new room and not in the bottom of the closet anymore. 
Another little cheerful addition I brought in is the January printable calendar from WildOlive.  I had George trace the numbers and taped it to the back of the laundry closet door.  I think this space could really become a good memory keeper/pin board.  There's tons of space and the doors are open most of the time to let the washer air out.  Let's see how fast it fills up...
 Hope all of you in snow-covered areas are either out having fun or tucked inside staying warm.  The high today is only in the teens so we're hunkering down with extra quilts, hot cocoa, and a few good movies.  Here's hoping we don't go stir crazy before it warms up again.


  1. I recently got my 3/4" GFG project back into active rotation. several more rounds of border rows to do. Then the quilting. Many hours of TV-time sewing still to go...

  2. I think George's drawing would look adorable embroidered on a block. Maybe you could make that your new project, recording his drawings. I do wish I had done that when my (24 yr old) son was small.
    Yes I know, you don't need another project ha ha
    I presume that's you with the natty handbag? :-)

    1. That's a good idea, if I knew how to embroider. It's not me in the drawing though, that's Ghosty, G's imaginary friend. He shows up in most drawings these days ( sometimes with his little sister too). He's carrying the snow block maker that George got for Christmas...

    2. You only need to know back-stitch, but if you scan it in and email it to me, I will print it off and do it for you :-)
      What a wonderful imagination George has, it's going to be wonderful when he gets older and starts to write his stories down!

  3. Very cute project, Mom! Keeping warm together under those quilts sounds like fun to me. (V has a good recipe for Hot Chocolate on her food blog, I am even putting some into my morning coffee with a dollop of whipped cream.) Warming up for our Monday Morning Star Count here....

  4. Yippeee! Because you know, when your regular linky parties stopped, my inspiration and drive dried up -- although I continue to happily visit the other blogs you helped link up, so that is nice. Thank you for keeping us focussed again. JJ

  5. Where'd you get the Silver City Quilt Guild pin??? I'm a member and that really caught my eye.

    1. Cindyann, it's not a pin, but the center of a 6" economy block. Janet elia printed it onto fabric. I don't know if the guild ever made up pins, but it's a good idea.. you should ask. Thanks for your comment. Tell everybody in the guild I said "hi"!!


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