I've been having a bad day.
See, my yahoo email address has been hacked (If you've gotten spam from me, you know), and it was sending links to weight loss supplements repeatedly to my family, friends, acquaintances, and business contacts.  This is so embarrassing!!!
Today I finally decided I'd had enough, and I've spent most of my screen time trying to switch over to gmail.  So.. if you get anymore emails from my yahoo account, please disregard them!  If you'd like to send me email, you can send it to jessunderquilts at gmail dot com.

While I was freaking out about this whole mess this morning, George drew a picture to show me he understood what was going on (those are laptops, btw).
I'll paraphrase George's explanation of his drawing, and the situation:
Someone hacks the other person's email so he's happy.  The next guy sees an email from mom and then it's spam, so he's sad.  Mom sees her account is sending spam so she's sad. 
That's just about exactly the way it happened.  He really amazes me.
Anyway, I hope to have this week's MMStarCount up tomorrow morning, thanks for your patience.  (Remember, you can link up all week~)


  1. Oh, Jess, I'm so sorry for you... I fully understand how you're feeling, as this happened to me 2 months ago, and it was a total mess, as well ---> not only did they hack my yahoo mail account! but also my "Friendship Threads" Blog that I'd been writing for 8 years. And so, in just a snap, I lost all my contacts and blog followers + my blog was totally unusable... Needless to say I was totally discouraged, disgusted and very sad. I switched to gmail, changed all my passwords everywhere I was using one, and created a brand new baby blog : PENNIES FROM HEAVEN (nadisews.blogspot.com) that fells so strange and lonely with its 5 friends followers...
    Anyway, take all precautions with your beautiful blog, dear Jess, and cheer up : your cute son is there to watch with you :))


  2. Hey Jess,

    Same thing has happened to a friend of mine. The links sending out all end in _news.php so when I got yours I recognized it immediately. She tried for 2 months to get it resolved and never could, changed passwords and everything. Ended up switching away from yahoo as well.

    Are they targeting quilters with yahoo accounts? ;)


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