Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/19

Here are my hexie stars.. pretty soon they'll all be together (I hope).

This week I worked on joining the units and chunks.  There's a nice shady spot right outside the sewing room door and I spent a few minutes on Mother's Day stitching outside while the boys got dirty in the yard (note the grubby hand touching my quilt, argh.  But it's washable, no worries).  It was awesome to free up so many templates (some which had only been used once!) and of course looking at a pile of paper templates makes me want to start a new quilt, but....

I've been thinking about doing a post about my many many UFOs to see if I can get any of them finished.  They keep staring at me, you know?  Does anyone have a secret for keeping track of UFOs?  I have a quilting to do list on my wall, but so many projects never even make it on there.  April's is still up by the door, I should re-write one for May I guess.

Well, now's the time.  Please link up and show off your work!


  1. It has been ages since I commented on your blog, sorry! I love that you keep on stitching, no matter what, even if you only have a small timeframe available. No link from me, but I wanted to tell you about my UFO's: my system nowadays is to put each project in separate plastic boxes. I have room for ten boxes, so when I want to start a new project, I have to finish one first. In the winter, this is a good functioning system, in warmer weather, not so much...

  2. Your work looks wonderful - it's coming together really well.

  3. Love the bright stars with the low volume background.

  4. Love your Hexie Stars. I have a list. Divided up into 1. Tops (need quilting and/or binding), 2. UFOs, 3. NES (not even started, but have fabric and want to make). Have another list for Project Linus. Has helped me focus on items and finish things that don't need a lot of work.

  5. Just adore your hexie stars! I have such a hard time not starting something new...especially when I see all the awesome projects everyone is working on! I do still have some UFOs....I like your idea of a list to try and get them finished :)


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