The moment when..

you know that the super simple baby quilt you're making just isn't going to cut it..
I pieced these big HSTs and was just going to be done with it, but no.  Not for this baby.  She's too cute, I love her family too much (and her mom's a quilter).  So she got her name on the back too.
Of course, when you decide to piece the kid's name into a quilt, it's probably a good idea to check how the parents spell it first (I learned this the hard way)..

This quilt has been on my to-do list for over a year.. thankfully the baby is still small (though her birthday is coming up soon) and her mom is one of my most patient and laid back friends so she didn't make me feel bad for not getting it to them sooner.  If the weather is too warm for a quilt now, I really hope it can become her toddler picnic blanket this summer.

I enjoyed working on this quilt a lot.  The top is made from almost all of the colors of Timeless Treasures' Rain collection.  They are so pretty, I can't pick a favorite.  I stretched my FMQ creativity by stitching leaves over the diagonal seams and I came up with a loopy flower pattern that filled the space in between pretty well.  Taking a tip from Shannon, I stitched my miters closed on the front and back of the binding-- before now I had only been doing the back miters.   Do you do this too?  Just curious.

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  1. A just solid fabric is on my list forever, but first I have to finish my hexie quilt. This quilt would be gorgeous as a picnic blanket for the baby.

    In Spanish is Cecilia too ;)

    1. Thanks Teresa~
      The mom likes bright colors, so I hope this one will get lots of use. Have fun with your hexies~

  2. Nice finish! Love the name on the back!

  3. Lovely! Everything I love: randomness, FMQ and free piecing! What a beautiful gift.

  4. haha, spelling the name wrong is something I would do, too :) I don't stitch the miters closed on my bindings, front or back.

  5. What a fun quilt- so colorful and happy. (I wouldn't have even asked how to spell Cecelia- and I would have spelt it the same way as you...)

  6. I absolutely love it!!! I specially love the colors you used, really nice for a baby, they love bright colors!
    Can you tell me what the size of the HST is, Please?

  7. I love the fabrics in this quilt! The colours are so nice and bright. I love that you put her name on the back. I may have to steal that idea for future baby quilts! ;)
    I only stitch the back miter on my bindings but I have heard that judged quilts at juried quilt shows need to be stitched down back and front.

  8. Love this quilt and how cute to add the name! She will love the colors. I don't stitch my miters closed on front or back.

  9. Yes - I would have spelt it the other way too. But the only right way to spell a name is how the parents spell it. I only hope she does not have to go through life spelling her name for people, as I have! The result is lovely - love the orange and white.


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