Monday Morning Star Count 2014/30

Back on track! (well, mostly-- this post was delayed due to toddler issues that necessitated washing yogurt off a handful of toy cars and cleaning oreo filling off the wall. Yes, I give my kid oreos so I can make phone calls in the morning, please don't judge!)
I spent lots and lots of time this week on Travel Quilt #5, how's it look?
These black background hexies are starting to seem overwhelming.. I have been basting and joining rows of 5 since way back, but then suddenly I put together a few diamonds and a sashing strip and they're all gone.  So much for planning ahead to balance out the work.  I love how it's looking, but it's so much more fun to baste colorful hexies. 

In other EPP news, my dad is visiting relatives in Ireland this week and he brought along my book (to show off?  I doubt he was basting on the plane).  His cousin is interested in starting to quilt so this morning we're searching for local or online shops where she can get ahold of templates-- hexies, squares, equilateral triangles.. if you know of any Irish shops (near Loughrea, Galway, or anywhere else) that carry EPP supplies, please comment or send me an email! I'm excited to get her started and then see what she makes~

Ok, if you've got progress to link up, let us see it!


  1. I don't think there's an online store, but fluffy sheep quilting (

  2. This quilt looks already so pretty! I love this black fabrique, would totaly love to use it :)
    But agree, always basting just one colour gets quite boring...

  3. I love the way the stars are working with the background. Very nice.

  4. It's looking lovely - hope you've got enough of that black!

  5. Your quilt is looking great!

  6. Jessica I knew from long experience that I hate working with one fabric (it was pre ordained any quilt would be scrappy!). so I did the math and just baste the average amount (3) of "background" pieces (diamonds in my case) that I will need before I get started on my fun scrappy star fabric basting. ie baste 3 background diamonds then baste 6 "star" diamonds. this prevents me from basting 8 million of the same color all at once... thank u for your encouraging words and for hosting this spot!


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