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Monday Morning Star Count 2014/34

The Chicago Edition..
I brought the boys to visit my mom this week.  Kind of crazy and hectic because I've got classes to prep (I'll go back to teaching again this fall) and two kids to get ready for school, but mom wanted to see them, so we shuffled a few things around to make it happen.
I didn't even pack my sewing in my carry on, as I usually would.  This was my first flight with the two boys on my own and an adventure it was.. almost missing the flight due to NYC traffic, then an hour on the plane, on the ground at LGA, and once we were in the air, they rerouted us to Grand Rapids due to heavy storms over O'Hare.  What seemed like almost an entire day of travel later, I was sitting in my grandma's house with two tired and hungry kids.  The transition has been tough, neither kid likes being away from Costas all day, and I think George especially is not up for the type of "visiting with family" that mainly involves mom sitting with other ladies at the t…

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/33

I wanted to write another post this week, but that hasn't happened yet.  A post about my need to work with different shapes, different fabrics in my stash that weren't hexie friendly.. Let me just say that I pulled out an old UFO that I'd really like to see on my bed next winter and to clear my head a bit this week I worked on that instead of Travel Quilt #5.  It was good.  Nice to break the cycle and get out of my EPP comfort zone for a while.  I've written about it before, but does anyone else turn to EPP projects when they don't know what else to do?  EPP has been my go-to quilt project for so long that all of my other quilts have become UFOs in the meantime.  Unintentionally, most of the time too.  It's just that so many of those other projects take a bit of 'figuring out' to get started again, where as EPP has none of that.  Just open the box, find the threaded needle and thimble and go..
I see that I haven't been making time for my other quilt…

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/32

Not much to report this week, we've moved on from weaning issues to..night terrors?  This kid is full of surprises.  I'm grateful for all your kind words of encouragement, thanks for helping me through this tough period of parenting.
I pulled out the NYC Metro Mod group hexie quilt this week and don't know where to go with it..
I love that we have all worked on this together, but mixing everyone's stashes and everyone's interpretations of what is a "light" and "dark" has led for some blurred edges..
I think we've got two options-- unpick some areas and rearrange the fabrics, or keep the stars and diamonds as they are and add a ring of a solid dark color around all the stars.  This is easier it seems, because I don't have to unpick anything, but it means I've got to cut, baste and add all the same boring hexies.  What would you do?  The next guild meeting isn't until September so I've got some time.. but I'd like to have …

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/31

I'm taking a pass this week guys.  I stopped nursing the baby so our nap/sleep routine has been all thrown off this week (not to mention my hormonal roller coaster).  Hoping I'll find time to do some more EPP in the days ahead.

But you guys, please link up your EPP stuff here!