Monday Morning Star Count 2014/32

Not much to report this week, we've moved on from weaning issues to..night terrors?  This kid is full of surprises.  I'm grateful for all your kind words of encouragement, thanks for helping me through this tough period of parenting.
I pulled out the NYC Metro Mod group hexie quilt this week and don't know where to go with it..
I love that we have all worked on this together, but mixing everyone's stashes and everyone's interpretations of what is a "light" and "dark" has led for some blurred edges..
I think we've got two options-- unpick some areas and rearrange the fabrics, or keep the stars and diamonds as they are and add a ring of a solid dark color around all the stars.  This is easier it seems, because I don't have to unpick anything, but it means I've got to cut, baste and add all the same boring hexies.  What would you do?  The next guild meeting isn't until September so I've got some time.. but I'd like to have a clear plan at least by then.

Ok, who's got something to share this week?


  1. I think I would go with the solid dark hexies around the stars. I know boring, send out an SOS for some help with the basting, etc. I don't have any thing to share this week.

  2. Oh that's tough. All the same would be miserable, if it's very big at all. And aren't you already doing all those black dotted ones for some other project? But then, unpicking, when you don't know where their thread ended could also be a nightmare.

    I'm hoping to put my count up at lunch.

  3. I think I would leave it - you could emphasise the dark light border with the quilting. But - I'm shocked - boring hexies? That's hexie heresy!

  4. I'd go with a dark border. Unpicking sounds terrible!

  5. No unpicking no not never!

    I quite like the light diamonds against the scrappy stars, I think once made up that the scrappy stars would look jewel like : )


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