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Monday Morning Star Count 2014/33

I wanted to write another post this week, but that hasn't happened yet.  A post about my need to work with different shapes, different fabrics in my stash that weren't hexie friendly.. Let me just say that I pulled out an old UFO that I'd really like to see on my bed next winter and to clear my head a bit this week I worked on that instead of Travel Quilt #5.  It was good.  Nice to break the cycle and get out of my EPP comfort zone for a while.  I've written about it before, but does anyone else turn to EPP projects when they don't know what else to do?  EPP has been my go-to quilt project for so long that all of my other quilts have become UFOs in the meantime.  Unintentionally, most of the time too.  It's just that so many of those other projects take a bit of 'figuring out' to get started again, where as EPP has none of that.  Just open the box, find the threaded needle and thimble and go..
I see that I haven't been making time for my other quilting goals, and I really should be more intentional about that.  Maybe that lost blog post will happen this week?  Fingers crossed.

So, after last Monday's post I made absolutely no progress or decisions on the NYC Mod Guild quilt.  Still open to suggestions, but not in the mood to tackle that solution on my own this month.  If I don't post about it again before the end of September though, someone remind me.

Instead, I started on something new (please, don't throw anything at me!).  Satisfying my need for new shapes, I started working with triangles..

They are big and basting isn't effortless  yet, but I know I'll get there.  I'm going to Chicago at the end of the month and I think this is what I'll keep in my travel bag.  Never know when the kid will fall asleep and give me a few extra minutes to stitch..

Ok, your turn.  (Remember, ANYONE is welcome to join at any time!  We'd love to see what you're stitching~)


  1. I need to come back to EPP. I have cut some diamonds shapes but I need to decide which fabrics and pattern, but it has to wait until september, some tests must be taken ;)

  2. Jessica, you are superwoman! You do soooo much that I am in awe of you! I fully remember those days of being home with the kiddies and also trying to do my own thing while being a good mom. Never feel that you have to apologize!

  3. I like how your fabrics are color coordinated with your baby and stroller ;D

  4. I never achieved anything when my kids were that little. When they slept, I slept. The house was a mess, But I was sane. Jessica, I don't know how you do it all.

  5. I do my EPP whilst watching TV at night. It helps me relax after work! The only trouble is I lose my way a bit coordinating colours :-/ I seem to always have lots of different patterns, shapes & colours on the go at any one time haha!

  6. Beautiful work. Cute baby boy. Love the EPP Star block video ... :) Pat

  7. You do beautiful work. I just found your site. If you dad's cousin hasn't found a source for epp, and has a computer and printer, let me recommend Linda Franz' s site She has a free shape collection that you can download and print on fabric and all the directions. It might be worth looking into. She has many shapes you can buy if after you have tried the free shape collection and like it.


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