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Hello from under the pile..

of quilts?  of fabric?  of paperwork?

Thanks to everyone who checked up on me this week.  I've been in such a whirlwind I hardly even know when it's Monday anymore, and then it's Tuesday, and all the sudden it's after noon on Thursday.  I love that my friends miss me, and I'm sorry for missing the Star Count this week.  I did baste triangles..
but I think it's time to let you in on what's really going on down here, under the stacks and piles, the toppling fat quarters and the roll-away spools..
I've been working on something, a new project, a big project.  The kind that will have its own ISBN number.  I can't share details yet, but now you can understand why my relaxing EPP time is so limited.  This is what life looks like these days..
(Frantically binding project samples at the playground)
 (never ending stream of clutter and ideas across my desk) 
It is fun, thrilling, exciting, frustrating.  And it never ends.  Until it's done, the pressure …

Ladies and Gentlemen

I think I'm in love...

with Puzzle quilting.
This is the puzzle edge to edge pattern in Christina Cameli's book, First Steps to Free Motion Quilting.  I have wanted to try it since I first opened the book last year, but I was scared.. (why does FMQ frighten me so?!)  I had to wait for a project small enough to be manageable and to not care if I didn't get it right the first time.  I tried it on a mini quilt last week, and yesterday I tackled these string pillows.  And I'm not kidding when I say I am in LOVE with this pattern.

Once you get into a rhythm it is such a comfortable movement and so satisfying.  Each little dip or blip just has it's own curved wonderfulness.  The intersecting lines at the corners of each puzzle piece make me almost giddy.  I think you have to be a quilter to understand. 

Anyway, I think this is my new default quilt pattern.  I just need to test it out on something big..
Have you tried anything new that completely excites you?  Please sha…

Tuesday Morning Star Count 2014/40

Who are we kidding here, this post never gets up on Monday mornings anymore.  For some reason, the kids get the best of me, every weekend.  Here's what our Sunday night looked like..

Second ER visit in 24 hours.  He's fine, but gave us quite a scare.  Would you believe I brought my sewing kit in my bag, just in case they kept us over night?  Thankfully I didn't have a chance to use it.

Before all the drama, I did manage to find time to stitch at work(!) a bit on Friday..
 I know I've been adding stitches to this same block for weeks, but I finally got the outer ring attached.  Now to see where it fits in the rest of the puzzle.  Part of me wants Travel Quilt #5 to "read" chronologically, but that may not work, color-wise.   I guess I'll have to lay it out again and see.

Has life been getting in the way of your stitching too?  If you've made any progress at all, even just basting, please show us!