Monday Morning Star Count, July 27, 2015

Travel Quilt #5 got a lot of attention this week..
I've been home with the kids for the last bit of my summer break so I stitched at the library, in the yard as Jack played play-doh, on the couch with George as he played games on my tablet... (my phone was never around to take action shots though)
And by the weekend, I was ready to stitch two large sections together.

I made enough sashing strips to go along a diagonal row of hex-diamonds so I attached that to the smaller section first before joining the row to the bottom segment of the quilt top.  I didn't want the weight of the sections to pull too much as I was stitching so I lined up my hexies and joined the segments from the middle, working my way to either end.

I have laid out the remainder of the top row a hundred times but never get around to piecing it to the strip.. I decided this weekend just to join what I had so I could free up templates and not worry so much about color placement decisions (what comes after the brown hex-diamond has changed several times.. most recently I want to use a purple unit which isn't actually pieced yet...)
 I like how it looks so far.  I have a stack of completed hex-diamond units (sorry, didn't count them before the post) but they all seem to have a very similarly toned outer ring.. I think this bottom corner is so colorful, and then the rest are going to be low volume/white prints?  Yes, I'm getting frustrated with this a little.  I want to make progress but it's slow.  The units are easy enough to get done, but the sashing and assembly keeps tripping me up.  Didn't trip Jack though, he had a great time spinning around on it during my photo shoot.

I'm sure there will be much more time for EPP this week.  What were you able to get done since last time?  Show us!!



  1. Hi, I'm new to the Monday Morning Star Count! I've just finished a scrappy hexagon quilt and am now starting an EPP 6 pointed star quilt so hope this will help me keep motivated!

  2. I need to remember this link-up as I'm currently working on 4 (yes, 4) EPP projects right now, only 3 of which are actually being worked on at some point. The one I linked up will be appliqued to a piece of background fabric as it's a BOM for a Facebook group I belong to.

  3. This is totally awesome. I'm so impressed wtih how you plan out the colours. For me at this point I think it has to be random or I'll drive myself mad.

  4. I've just returned to blogging after a 2 year break (busy work/family life) and just discovered your blog. Your travel quilts are all so gorgeous! This one looks great so far!


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