The Complete Quilter-- on Home Shopping TV!

I just found this...  British home shopping TV did a segment on The Complete Quilter (UK edition of Get Started Quilting)...
Click the image below then check out the video on the left hand side.  Pretty cool!


  1. Congratulations! That is just SO Awesome!

  2. I went to Amazon through your link and ordered your new book. Though I am not a beginner anymore, I am a firm believer in reviewing the basics, so I am sure I will enjoy having your book in my library. I have your "Quilting On The Go" book, and was immediately impressed with its visual appeal when I first opened it. I suspect that your new book will be equally appealing visually. Based on the page through in the video it looks great. I also wanted to let you know that I had been eyeing "All Points Patchwork' for a few weeks, and based on your review of it I broke down and bought it a few days ago. Thanks for all you do, especially the revitalization of the Monday Morning Star Count.

  3. I was just enjoying that when it ended! I was hoping to see her construct the star block.
    It's all very exciting!


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