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I love September

Since I was in junior high.  I clearly remember the pleasure I got from the crisp air, the sky the color of my blue jeans.  I didn't learn about apple picking until I moved to New England in college.  Actually, that's probably when I started spending more time outside, walking to class, wandering around town and campus.  That's when I started exploring (in so many ways).
So for me, September still brings that freedom, deep breaths of satisfaction and appreciation.  A desire to spend hours outside doing absolutely nothing but enjoying myself.
I hope we can go apple picking this weekend but I haven't spent much time researching U-Pick options on Long Island.  Suggestions welcome.

This week I had my last Home Ec. Club meeting with the Elementary girls (in November a new group of students can sign up).  We made these..
I found this apple coaster pattern at Purl Soho.  I liked that they were cute and felt and looked easy enough for my 4th, 5th, and 6th graders to assemble.  I didn't really want to make coasters though.. (I mean, how much use do little girls have for coasters?  Maybe I'm wrong.) So I scaled down the templates 75% and we made magnets instead.
I made some other adjustments too, knowing that some of the students have an interest but not aptitude for needle and thread, and we tried using tacky glue to assemble a few.  I also played around with stuffing them and painting on the seeds rather than stitching them on.  Trial and error, right?
The Home Ec. Club only meets for 45 minutes, but after all the students get to the room and I explain the project, it's more like 35 minutes of actual crafting time.  The paint didn't dry that quickly and most students ended up smudging it a little.  The glue worked out great though.  If I try it again, I'll definitely glue on felt seeds next time.
I like that I get to be crafty at work, share my knowledge and passion with the kids.  If there was a jr. high Home Ec. club.. you can bet we'd be doing EPP.  But zakka is so much fun, quick and satisfying.  I don't find much time for it in my personal sewing anymore, so I'm grateful for Home Ec. Club and excited about the next session.


  1. What an awesome opportunity to teach and share your passion!

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying teaching sewing, and you should also try EPP, but larger pieces with them, and stitching the apples, too. They'll enjoy it! As for apple farms, I LOVE The Milk-Pail. It's just past Watermill on the south fork, and a pretty drive. The farm is beautiful, and the apples are on dwarf trees, so even the little ones can get apples within reach (no ladders). The apples are always wonderful, and you can taste and pick from the variety of the day. There's no bathroom there, but there's a gas station just before Mecox, where you turn. The farm stand on the main road has great apple cider donuts and fudge, too, and you can watch the donuts being made. I've been going for years. If you have a stroller or wagon for your little ones, it makes it easy to haul the bag full of apples back to the car, too.

    1. Thanks Maryellen! I'll check it out and get there as soon as we can~ I'd pretty much do anything for fresh fudge...

  3. Grazie mi è piaciuto molto......Silvana

  4. There have been requests for apple-picking around here too! Nice to see teachpany's reccomendation. Sounds like fun-


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