See, I'm not the only one..

My friend Amber has written a great post on quilting in public.  She doesn't restrict herself to the car, but flaunts it out on the playground too! 

Have you quilted in public lately?  Take a photo and share it with us!


  1. My EPP kit comes with me wherever I sit and wait and thats why i plan to name the quilt "Sitting and Waiting": Doctors office, surgery waiting area, oil change, when car gets worked on, windshield repair. I started it when hubby had spinal cord injury 2.5 years ago...and spent a great deal of time in hospital. Unfortunately...I don't get to work on it often...but it will get done eventually. Maybe he needs another long hospital stay...LOL!!!

  2. Sue! take a picture!
    if you want, you can do a guest blog post right here~ send me your email, ok? jessunderquilts (at) yahoo dot com.

    (oh, and don't wish for more hospital time, how about a nice long relaxing vacation instead?)

  3. When I took Boo to gymnastics, her class was an hour and half... I always had some applique or hand sewing with me... but then everyone kept bothering me.... LOL... Airplanes, always. ;-)

  4. Okay - I must admit that I only sew at playgrounds that are toddler safe and pretty much empty. Too many other kids around or anything more than 3 feet off the ground makes it too hard to sew and watch him at the same time!

  5. I'm far too lazy to cary a whole quilt / quilting supplies about with me to a public place. I'm impressed at those of you who are not! I do knit in public plenty often though.

  6. When my children were little, I took my quilt with me everywhere and quilted. I quilted in the backyard while they played...and I quilted at CCD while I waited for them to finish class. That is one of my favorite things about hand quilting...that it is so portable.


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