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Accomplishments today:
Christmas tree is up.found usb cord for the voice recorder (or, well, discovered that the cable from Scout will also work for the recorder..)transcribed the first 2 minutes of a 5 minute oral interview for my Pedagogical Grammar two chapters for Phonetics/Phonology class tonight (current topics: ambisyllabicity and stress attracting suffixes.  I LOVE this stuff!) *note: don't click the links unless you're an English language nerd/fanaticTook pictures of the Spiderweb quilt which is done done done! (except for a trip thru the wash and burying a few last threads) I used one of C's old Polo Ralph Lauren oxford shirts for the background and I would have made it bigger except that I ran out of shirt fabric and didn't want to splice in anything else.
The label was my 2nd attempt at piecing letters.  I pieced it into the back and quilted over it, so in case I have more kids in the future, there won't be any arguments over who this quilt belo…

the first monochrome idea

I hesitated to show or post anything about this quilt for a long time ("long time" is relative, of course, I've been working on it since early October) because I didn't really know what I wanted to say or where this project was going, and I didn't want to be held accountable either.  But yesterday when I got ready to make my monochrome fabric for the 30-Day Challenge, I found myself staring at a full design wall and knowing that if I took it down to make room for something else, it would sit in the UFO pile forever.  Truth is, I lost momentum about 3 weeks into the project because I used up my fabric faster than I thought I would and got a bit lazy about staying creative to make the remainder into something interesting.   My original idea was to make it huge, 4 units this size (42" x 49"), all monochrome deep turquoise, in 7" or 14" blocks.  It went together quickly in the beginning and I was loving it.  Then, you know how it goes.  when momen…

A Healthy Exercise

Thanks for the comments on my last post, with a big hug of thanks going to Victoria in particular..
I didn't realize i was in a box, but once you step outside of it, MAN, things become more clear (and fun, and interesting..)

I decided to try a sorting/color exercise and enlisted my favorite little helper.  I started with just the 5" strip bin and the bag of unsorted stuff hanging behind the door.  I found as many empty containers as I could, and we got to work..

For my containers I had to get a little creative.. yes, that's an ice bucket and a gravy separator. 
 Things started out going smoothly enough.  But then he started filling anything with fabric..
 He was having fun though so I just let him play with the unsorted bits as I tried to sort as fast as I could.  He did a lot of throwing fabric all over me and tossing it into a big overturned stool.
 This would be his, "What? Me? I didn't do it." face.
 I think it only took 40 minutes or so to go through that p…

My design wall is shrinking

or maybe i should try finishing one project before starting a new one and then they wouldn't have to fight for space and attention up there..
This weekend I went a little berzerk with a new variety of wonky log cabins.. Inspired by the upcoming bee at 15minutesplay, I wanted to work sew through some ideas and see what would happen if I tried "making" strips of color by crumb piecing my logs.  Here's my first:
nice, but I needed another go at it, I wasn't getting what I wanted in terms of the proportions: I really liked how the fabrics played together in this one, though that bit with the house was a pain in the neck.  I also liked the light-square-in-a-dark-square thing going on once I put it on the design wall.  At this point I was feeling a sort of addiction take then I made a third:
As much as I wanted to do these, by the third round I was feeling a bit frustrated in the amount of time each "log" was taking to construct.  See, since last year (t…

a great ending to a good day

so I finished quilting the spiderweb tonight, and though I don't have any pics yet I was kind of feeling pretty awesome for just sitting down today and tackling it, especially because the quilting just came out of my hands and the machine and onto the quilt so naturally.  It gave me an amazing rush and it was so much fun..
I thought this would be a great end to a good day, but then I saw this and fell in love.

(and i kind of wrote an inappropriate comment on the pic before I realised it was a self portrait...oops)

Evening Star Quilters Show 2010

I guess I really dove head first into this quilt guild.  I only just joined in September so you can imagine my surprise when two of my quilts won ribbons.  I'll tell you, I was giddy all day from winning ribbons at my first judged show!  An amazing feeling.  It was a bit hard to focus on white gloving after that, but I had a great time, probably because I was beaming and very excited to talk to all the members of my new guild.
I really wanted to try and go slow with this group, you know, feel them out to get an idea of how this community is organized and how they run things, but by entering (and winning) at the show I guess I won't stay a wall-flower for very long.  (who am I kidding? I'm so not the wall-flower type~)
The show was good, small but well run.  I think there were between 75~85 quilt entries and there are the same amount of people in the guild (a pre-show email said that only 36 members were entering quilts though).  Lots of traditional, commercial patterns, w…