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Sweet Home Chicago

Every year I try to get back home to see my family at least once or twice.  This year George and I came out for a quick two week trip-- just enough time to visit the ones we love and soak in family time.
George has been getting reacquainted with the cousins and hanging out with Grama.

I'm trying to savor every moment and make memories to keep me from missing them all year.

Each time I come home, I take the trip down to Lockport to go to Thimbles.  Gram always says,"oh, next time you should tell me so we can go visit Mary Jane."  Mary Jane and Grama were friends when their kids were younger and I hear that she helped Grama take care of me when I was a baby and my mom had to go back to school.  She's also one of the few people that traveled to Greece for my wedding (my side in attendance= 9, Costas' side= 241).  Imagine my surprise to get to Mary Jane's house and find out she's a quilter!!!

For the record, Gram didn't know either.  hehe.

Well, Costas f…

improv-- a 6 minute circle story.

I'm working on my submission for the NYC Metro Mod Guild show (read more about the traveling show here, you may be able to see our quilts in a town near you!), and I hit a snag when I realized that I couldn't get as many words on it as I had originally planned..
Wait, let me explain-- the theme of the show is "What does Modern Quilting mean to you?" and along with the quilt, we all must submit artist statements detailing our personal beliefs on Modern Quilting and how that ties into our show quilts.  I, of course, wanted to write all over mine, in pieced letters.  Like, all over it, but I realized that my design space is much much smaller than what I wanted to say.
My quilt is split into two parts, with writing on both but using different background fabrics.
The bottom letters are 3" tall, and the quilt must be 15" x 20" to be included in the show.. I knew I could make smaller letters, but didn't want to try to piece itsy bitsy fabrics to make my &…


How did I not see this pattern before?I had been looking for something easy and quick to do with the lovely, trendy fabrics I bought from Pink Chalk Fabrics last fall.  My original thought was to do a Curlique Crush, recently famous through Lesly's Ogee QAL, but I didn't start in time and now the clock was ticking..
See, I bought the fabrics (and the curlique pattern) in hopes of presenting a lovely modern wedding quilt to my cousin when she gets married next month.  I was planning ahead!  As soon as she announced the engagement I was off and fabric shopping.. but back then September '11 seemed like such a long time away..  Even last month it still felt like I had tons of time to pull something together.
Alas, I quickly realized that I procrastinated too much and an Ogee would never happen before the wedding.  I didn't want to go to Chicago empty handed, and really didn't want to buy a replacement gift (because I already spend the $ on all that fabric and even if t…

Ribbon block tutorial

Last night Frederick asked if I could point him to some directions for my ribbon block, which I made up last February.  At the time, I took pics to make a tutorial, thinking I'd use the block for my month in a bee, but changed my mind.  Now's as good a time to share it as any, right?  So here goes--

Start with a square (I think mine was 9")

Make a slice to one side of center, cutting the block into roughly 3/5 and 2/5.

add in a strip of fabric.

Press.  Rotate the block a quarter turn, slice again, making 3/5 and 2/5.

Add in a strip of the same color.  When joining the pieces, fold back the top a bit so you can line up the seams of your first strip.

Press.  Rotate the block another quarter turn.  Slice and add again.  This time I put in a different colored strip.

For the 4th cut, I added in the same yellow, making it appear to overlap the moss green.

First round done!  On to the next round..

As you slice and add, be sure to keep rotating in the same direction and it will a…


of hungry toddlers..
"Mom, I just touched your thing and put it in the sink."  I saw some bits of chewed red paper on the couch next to him.
"What thing?" as I walked to the sink.

This is what I found:

No, it's not a rose petal.  It's one of my home-made cardstock hexagon templates. Or, what's left of one anyway.  Thankfully he found it after I made my latest pin cushion..
This one I made for me :)

For Lisa

The end of the month never seemed to be such a big deal to me before, but now that I'm in so many (too many?) bees, it always seems like the month is over before I know it.
Lisa was queen bee for July in the NYC Metro Mod guild bee.. she sent a red triangle and told us to do whatever we wanted with it.  I knew I'd make a house (one of these days I want to make a house quilt for myself..), but didn't like my first attempt (dark sky) so I tried a second.  A bit better, but maybe the chinese folk toy fabric (Alexander Henry, 2004) was too big of a scale for this project.  They'll stand out anyway..

p.s. getting the hang of twitter slowly.. not so obsessed that I've stopped sewing yet.


that's how I feel right now.  After reading lesly's post about talkin' tuesdays and they fun they've been having, curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the link to Twitter
Oh no.  I so did not need to do that.  I have been living a very full life without tweeting about it for 31 years.. but I got sucked in.  or, well, I'm in the "overwhelmed" stage, as they say.

So quick, help.  Do you tweet?  How does it all work?  How long til I make sense of it all?

And how do I get this photo to be my profile pic?
It doesn't seem to let me crop the pic down the way facebook does. 

Ok, deep breath, I know I'll figure it out eventually.  (So much for the 3 quilts I wanted sandwiched and quilted before the end of the month) 

Why do I feel like that girl at the party whose friends just pulled her unwillingly onto the dance floor?
If you are on twitter, please tell me who you follow..

August 2

Inspired by this and this, I cut up some hexagons yesterday.
And after a trip to my local Petco and what seemed like hours rummaging through my sewing room closets looking for needles longer than betweens, I present... a pin cushion.
Sweet, statisfying, and useful too!
I have been working in cool colors lately and felt the sudden pull to hot pinks and oranges.  Whew, glad that's out of my system..