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Car quilting

We took a short drive yesterday to survey the damage to the neighborhood after Superstorm Sandy. By some miraculous feat, we escaped with minimal property damage and we still have electricity. Most others were not so lucky. Just driving around was a challenge because so many local roads were blocked or closed due to downed power lines or trees, that by the time we made it home again, G had fallen asleep in the car. I had nothing else to do (school has been canceled for 3 days), so I ran inside and grabbed by sewing kit, and sat and sewed in the car for a while. The sun came out, it was really nice.
Sandy forced everything to slow down for a while, and while I know the headaches and recovery will take a while for some people, I'm grateful for the time I got to spend at home with my family.

Anniversary quilt?

I have a finish and I'm sooo happy it's done, but I can't show you the front!

I made this quilt for my friend's wedding, and it took me quite a while (her 1 year anniversary was last week), but I haven't delivered it yet so I can't show the front of it..  Sorry!

But hey, the back is pretty cool, no?
I used a UFO as backing. (sorry, bad photo, it was raining out)
It was 72" square, and was never going to become what I had originally intended, so I thought it was better to make the wedding quilt fun on both sides than to just let this piece sit in the UFO pile for another year. (This is a large version of my Ribbon block)
I like how it came out-- the quilt is 55" x 70" so the original top got shifted and lopped off, but I think the lines are striking, and they actually go well with the design on the front..
I hate having so many orphan blocks and UFOs filling my closet and cluttering my space, so I think I'll try harder this winter to use some …

Traveling Pic-Stitch Bloghop

It's my turn~~
Time to show off what I've come up with for the Traveling Pic-Stitch Blog hop!

Since Laura contacted me about the blog hop, I've been taking photos that could work as palette inspiration.  Sure, I travel a whole bunch and could use any of the ones from our spring in Greece, but who needs to see another beautiful coastline?  Maybe it's precisely because I DO travel so often that I really really enjoy being at home, in my own  neighborhood, and in my own routine.  So a lot of the photos I took were of flowers I passed by every day.
See, I work at two private universities.  Both have beautifully landscaped campuses which are full of seasonal colors at every turn.  I feel blessed that I get to work in such pretty environments.  (Though they've got nothing on this campus.. that's heaven on earth) So my first palette photo was this one:

It's nice, but I don't have that cool ipad app that let's you tweak colors, and I wasn't really happy…

EPP for everybody!

(Thank you again for the wonderful donations that keep coming in~ I just got an email with our first donated QUILTS!  So I hope you can forgive me as I change the tone a bit and go back to talking about quilting tonight..)

I'm so excited that Laura & Katy have put together this highly motivational Travelin' Pic-Stitch Blog Hop.  I'm also slightly flushed that they asked me to do a post on "pointers" to help get the bloghop started. 

Who would have known that my super-embarrassing how-to-epp video that I made for my friend Becky while she was in vet school would some day lead me to B-list internet stardom?  (ok, B-list quilt-blogland-stardom).  You have no idea how many times I've wanted to redo this video, but didn't have the time or thought it would sound too scripted... so I left it up there, and people found it.  The cool thing is that they also found my blog, my QAL, and many have found a love for EPP.  If you haven't seen it yet, it's th…

Feeling So Thankful

I woke up this morning to find the most thoughtful email in my inbox from Bonnie Hunter. Graciela was kind enough to tell her about the benefit we are having for my mom, and Bonnie decided to help out, not only with a donation, but by blogging about it. You can read her very sweet post here: I was in shock, so touched.  I truly appreciate the generosity Bonnie has shared by getting the word out to her readers, and I would like to thank each and every one of you who has donated or spread the word in order to help the fundraiser in some way.  Please feel free to share the link on your own blogs, twitter, or facebook accounts.  Every little bit helps.  Bonnie also mentioned donations of quilts for the silent auction, to be held in Chicago on October 28th.  If you have a quilt to donate, we would be very grateful to accept it.  Please email me directly to discuss shipping details.  (jessunderquilts at yahoo dot com) THANK YO…

Can you help my mom?

This post has been marinating for a while.. a bit too long actually and now that I've finally decided to talk about it on the blog, I'm almost embarrassed for waiting too long.

This is my mom:
Her name is Patti and she lives outside of Chicago.  Five years ago she was diagnosed with Alexander's Disease, which is a rare degenerative neurological disorder that has robbed her of ability to move.  It is a terrible, slow moving disorder where the body slowly eats away at the lining of the spinal cord, stopping signals from the brain from being able to get to the rest of the body. 
I don't understand much more about the details, but I do know that for the last 3 years my mom has been confined to her bed or her motorized wheel chair, and has been completely dependant on others to provide all of her basic needs.   For the last 3 years, my dad, sister Lauren, and mom's sisters have taken turns spending the night with mom every night because the family can not afford an ove…

What to do with all those awkward sized quilts?

You know, the 55" x 70", the really random 65" x 70"...
They're great on the couch, but when else can you actually use them?

How about now?  Early fall when it's too soon to turn on the heat but too late to sleep under just the summer coverlet..
This works great for our bed because only half of us are pregnant (and either too hot or freezing, depending on the night).  It avoids the dreaded "you slept on top of the quilt and I couldn't pull it up so I froze" situation (because no one wants to wake up angry), and it's a nice unexpected burst of color in a room that has been "neutral" for too long..

I love the quilt that goes on our bed in the fall, but it's 4 years old, and I'd love to have something new for this year.. I have a nice spiderweb in the works, but I doubt I will finish it before January.  I think using the random sized ones will satisfy my need for color and warmth at the moment.  Now if only I could figure o…