Monday Morning Star Count 9

Whew!  The end of summer is near!
We've been so lucky here in NY and have had beautiful weather all August.  I hope wherever you are the temps have been pleasant too.  We got a letter this week from George's elementary school and Kindergarten will be starting sooner than we know it.  Since Labor Day (Sept. 2) is the official "end" of summer around here, I figure that will be the last Monday Morning Star Count of this summer.  2 more weeks, how many stitches can you get in before then?

I am making slow progress, star #6 is finished but instead of starting on the 7th and final star, I started basting and piecing the filler neutral shapes.  I always do that-- stop just short of the finish line and jump to something else.. oh well.  I need to attach these stars so I can free up templates, you know how it goes..

How many stars do you have?


  1. Lovely to see all your stars together, they look great!

    I'm going to be sad when this monday routine will be over...

  2. Great colours¡¡¡ Just waiting to see all the stars finished.
    Still warm in Spain, around 35ºC so more beach and sand for me ;)

  3. I'm really looking forward to see the seventh star... I can understand you somehow, since I usually work at whichever part of the quilt strikes my fancy.

  4. Veronika, Teresa, Trina: I tried to comment on your lovely posts but Blogger doesn't seem to like my Wordpress account for some reason. So sorry as I wanted to tell you how lovely all these projects are -- and thank you Jessica for sharing your page to allow us all to connect. JJ

    1. Thank you JJ! And you are right, we have to say thank you to Jessica for this great opportunity!

  5. Your hexy stars are wonderful!! I love the bright colours you are using.

  6. Thank you for holding this weekly "party". I'm really enjoying my new project.

  7. Your hexy star are so wonderful. I love them.

    Greetings, Manuela from Germany.

  8. I love all your fabric choices. Thank you for hosting the Monday Morning star counts. It was great see you at your book signing and thank you for signing my book. :)


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