Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Morning Star Count 10

It's Monday again and I don't have too much to show for the week..

I haven't finished the 7th star or any more fillers, just basted a pile of hexies.
My book signing last Monday went well though.. ok, it was pretty awesome.  I got to talk quilting with 40 women and give a simple demo to non-quilters.  That was fun!  Well, I guess more than half of the attendees were quilters, and I suppose I have a reputation around these parts because someone actually brought me a bag of scrap fabric, hehe.  Now that I know the work that goes into planning an event and the excitement that comes out of one, I am ready (and waiting) for the next one..

So..  next week will be our last MMSC.. link up today and we'll push you to be as productive as possible by then!


  1. Loved your event! Heard many good comments from others, too. Great book, great presentation, too!

  2. Even your "only" basted hexies look beautiful!

    Would have loved to meet you in person, but It might be a little too far from austria to come ;)

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  4. I'm glad to read your book signing was such a success!

  5. It's far from Spain too but it would be wonderful meet you in person

  6. So glad the book signing went well...sad to see the Monday Star count coming to an has motivated me to continue working on my stars each week...and I have also enjoyed seeing what everyone else is up to...


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