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Monday Morning Star Count 11

Welcome to the final Star Count of the summer~
How did you do?  I hope our weekly tallies helped you get a bit more stitching done.  I know I accomplished a lot with this reminder.. I actually found direction for a project that otherwise might have stalled after 2 or 3 stars. 
I'm happy to show that I reached my goal of 7 stars, and I started putting them together with neutral background diamonds in a 7 Sisters pattern.  This pattern was so fun and so easy, that I really hope to continue and see if it can grow into a quilt. 
I may have done more this summer, but I have a confession to make-- my fingers hurt.  Not from quilting, but from playing Super Mario Bros. on Wii.  See, George discovered the game and we've been playing.. first I'd play and he'd watch.  Then we learned how to play with 2 remotes.  I am NOT a big video game player, but it is addictive and I may or may not have played for a while after he went to bed on some nights.  It's fun, but that Wii remote is hell on my thumbs!  After 30 minutes of Mario, I couldn't hand piece for a day! 
This is "balance"though, and in the long run (and now) I value the time spent with George more than having a quilt finished sooner.  As soon as he's back in school though...  I've got great plans to pull out the sewing machine, a big box of strips and strings, and make something!

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Star Count this summer.  Who's got something to show for the last week?


  1. It looks awesome! I agree Mario is totally addictive, thank heavens we have no game console and I get to save my fingers for quilting ;)

  2. Looks so fantastic. I love the colorful colors you choose.

  3. Wonderful scrappy hexie stars. I love it.

    Greetings, Manuela

  4. Gorgeous stars! I have no hand sewing progress at all to report this week: the beginning of school term for the family, and work for me. But I hugely enjoyed your linky parties, and seeing all the various projects. Thank you! JJ

  5. Your seven stars are bright and colorful! Thank you for hosting this summer get together. I am totally addicted to this paper piecing and think I will actually complete my blue hexagon quilt.

  6. So sad the star count is ending! Have enjoyed watching the progress, and finally have something I could share myself!

  7. I agree, time spent with George is more important than finishing a quilt. My younger son is turning 31 and he's in the far corner of the world on his 4th deployment order. I miss him a lot. It takes a lot of coordination to have him spend vacation days with us.

  8. I'm glad I found your Monday Star Count before the end - what a great idea!

  9. Time spent with the kids is something unique and thus has precedence over everything else.
    Nevertheless I'm definitely looking forward to see how your rainbow stars progress in the future.

  10. Your quilt will be wonderful¡¡¡

    Time spent with your son is more important than anything, even a wonderful quilt.

  11. Love Mario, love spending time with the kids, and use of thumbs is a small sacrifice ;) Your project is really taking shape, and I'm so happy to be able to participate and stay motivated.

  12. Priorities...loved ones and that order. Those kiddies deserve your time and attention.

    Sorry to see the MMSC end, but I am so glad you did it. I am inspired to do even more projects now that I see the endless variety of EPP's. Thanks a million!

  13. Beautiful work, and impressive progress! Thanks again for hosting the link party - the reminder really has made a difference in my progress, and the inspiration is awesome! I had to smile about the Mario game ... we discovered Mario on the Wii a few months ago, and my kids are impressed that it's one of the only video games I play. (Possibly because it's one of the only video games I played as a kid?) :-) Fun times.

  14. love the way the white on white breaks up the mix of designs and colours
    Its fabulous!


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