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And the winner is..

Whit      September 26, 2013 at 9:07 AM I just wrote a To-Do list for the day.
Drinking Hot Chocolate now.
And talking to my one year old now too!

Thanks for this great giveaway!

I've sent you a message!

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to play along with my silly question entries.  It may have seemed a strange request, but I was curious, for the sake of curiosity and also with a purpose.  See, recently, my son's school district has decided to stop teaching cursive/script writing.  This has made me think.  A lot.  I was not quick to anger or argue, because I know times are changing and that many things already have changed (Did I even tell you about the time in London when we passed a red phone booth and I had to explain to George what it was for?  Or when I told him his grandmother didn't have computers when she was a kid and he said in shock, "Not even a touchscreen!" Ahh.. things have definitely changed).
But I have sought out discussions and opini…

My favorite quilt

There's a party going on over at Mary's blog.. she wants to see our favorite quilts.  I like a lot of the quilts I've made.  Some that I see every day I'm tired of, and others that I've given away I've almost forgotten about.. but there's one that I'm happy to catch glimpses of every time I walk through the house.  I'm happy to make George's bed every day.  The Spider web is my favorite:

 I made this quilt for George, with George, in 2010.  I love so many things about it, all the memories, all the fabrics.. The light blue background was a Ralph Lauren shirt of my husband's.  The deep blue border was a print I found a JoAnn's.  Before George was born, I bought baby stuff in greens and browns, the nursery was painted green, his baby quilt was green, blue & yellow.. but after I met him and got to know him.. he's not really a brown kid.  He was much more primary colored.. So I made this quilt with red (at the time I really didn't…

First Steps to FMQ-- Blog Tour & Giveaway

Do you quilt your own quilts?  The last quilt I hand quilted (start to finish) was George's baby quilt, finished in early 2009.  Then I sent one to a long-armer, and by late 2009, I was ready to give machine quilting a try.  Even though I read a lot of blogs about machine quilting, it was still a rough, bumpy event.

We still use that quilt, but I have learned a lot since.  A year or so later, I tried out wavy vertical lines with my walking foot, and that somehow became my 'go to' pattern for any quilt I needed quilted quickly.  It's great, I still do it, but I can't really fairly say "Yes, I machine quilt my quilts."  Come on, I've got one pattern.
Well, it's time to break out of that one pattern rut and start playing..

My friend Christina has written a book and asked me to help get the word out.  When I got my copy I was so excited--                                     'Oh wow!  I love this!'
  'I have that fabric!'

The List

Helen came over for lunch the other day and we were discussing The Modern Quilt Guild and changes in our NYC chapter since it started.  We talked about a lot of things, and I mentioned my habit of getting overly inspired by blogs, instagram and previously pinterest and Flickr.  I said whenever I start to feel like I'm chasing the crowd,  I stop.  I try to pull myself back, and regain focus on my quilts and the quilts I want to be making instead of just jumping in and making one of the hot patterns of the day (which I'm not knocking and have done in the past (scrap vomit in 2012,  coins in 2009, spiderweb in 2010), they have their place in history and build skills as well as clear the head.  Plus it's fun to be involved in an at-the-moment thing).
But back to the list.  I don't know when it started exactly, but at some point I started writing down a list of all the people whose quilts I like.  The quilts I could stare at for days in blissful wonder.  Susan McC…

Scrappy Plus Along

Oh Instagram.. you are always there, always giving me eye candy, tempting me with coupon codes and pretty fabrics.  Pictures of quilts and pets, pets on quilts, babies, food..
This week Brenda put up a nice simple quilt block, and she tagged it #scrappyplusalong.  Hmm.  Then another, and another.  There are so many wonderful quilt alongs happening now on IG, but none of them made me want to drop what I was doing and sew a block until this one..

This is very very fun, does anyone else want to join in?

Oh, and thank you so much for all the great arts and crafts suggestions!  I have browsed the links and plan to start on a few projects as soon as I collect some materials (kicking myself for donating all of my yarn 2 years ago..).  From the stuff George has brought home this first week, it looks like they are actually getting pretty creative over there after all-- scissors, glue, tissue paper, drawings.. but it's all focused on the day's lesson, which is great.  When he gets home …

Arts and Crafts-- Suggestions Please!

George starts Kindergarten this week and while that's really exciting, I'm also feeling a bit overwhelmed and under-prepared..

We went to the orientation last week and the teachers gave us an idea of the curriculum and activities the kids will work through.  It seems like it's very focused and academic, which is great, but they made it seem like the kids won't have much time for arts, crafts, music and phys. ed.  All that falls back on me then..

While I've always been good at seasonal crafting with George, I feel like I've got to step it up this fall because he won't have the creative outlet at school (his Pre-K was VERY crafty).  So, do you have any suggestions of your favorite fall crafts for kids?  Indoor, outdoor, messy, calm.. I'm open to all ideas.  If you can send links, photos, descriptions, that would really help.   I used to be so good about pinning things to Pinterest, but now I just don't have the time to browse and get sucked in, you kn…

Monday Morning Star Count 11

Welcome to the final Star Count of the summer~
How did you do?  I hope our weekly tallies helped you get a bit more stitching done.  I know I accomplished a lot with this reminder.. I actually found direction for a project that otherwise might have stalled after 2 or 3 stars. 
I'm happy to show that I reached my goal of 7 stars, and I started putting them together with neutral background diamonds in a 7 Sisters pattern.  This pattern was so fun and so easy, that I really hope to continue and see if it can grow into a quilt. 
I may have done more this summer, but I have a confession to make-- my fingers hurt.  Not from quilting, but from playing Super Mario Bros. on Wii.  See, George discovered the game and we've been playing.. first I'd play and he'd watch.  Then we learned how to play with 2 remotes.  I am NOT a big video game player, but it is addictive and I may or may not have played for a while after he went to bed on some nights.  It's fun, but that Wii rem…