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George and I have been having an ongoing discussion about color.
George is in Kindergarten and his favorite color is PINK.  He loves pink, gets very happy when he sees it somewhere, and I usually try to give him the pink plate from our rainbow set of kid dishes (thanks IKEA).  In Pre-K, his favorite color was grey, and before that, green.  When he chooses his own clothing or accessories though, he often picks red.

The most recent conversation arose when he was telling me what happened at school.  I don't remember the context (or he didn't explain it), but he told the other kids his favorite color was pink and one boy said, "But that's a GIRL color!"  and (I get all proud here) George replied, "No, any color can be for anybody.  My mom's favorite color is blue."  and the kid says, "MY favorite color is blue, that's a BOY color."  and then something about how I'm strange for liking an obviously boy color.

So we talked, George and I…

And the Rain Hexies go to..

Thanks for your patience, I finally found time to write this post and congratulate the winners!
The four packs (two each) of Rain hexies go to..

A at Keeping me Happy

I have emailed you both!

A big Thank you to Timeless Treasures for sharing their beautiful fabric, and another thank you to everyone who linked up last week.  This week we've got 10 so far, isn't anyone else stitching?

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/8

The highlight of my quilting week? (after Skyping my way into a Japanese quilting class, of course) Basting hexies in the car as Jack napped, parked at the beach.
We had beautiful weather this weekend and I really wanted to get out and run around with George and Costas, but the little guy was sleeping.  I got a few more in the pile and when he woke up, we went on a beach adventure.    We had to climb over a pile of snow to get there and once we were in the sand,  Jack didn't really know what to make of the place.
We had fun though, and now we're all anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring. 

Even though I basted a nice stack, I didn't manage to add anything to the finished pile this week.  I have several non-epp projects going, including the binding on Travel Quilt #2, which I hope to be able to show off in a few days.  The thing is mammoth though, don't know who I can bribe to help with a decent photo shoot.. 
So, for this week's Star Count, I have…

Hokkaido sewing class

I love Skype.
My first quilting mentor, Mrs. Kubota in Hokkaido, teaches patchwork classes out of her home.  She recently got a tablet and we have started skyping once a week.  Tonight she called me during her class and I got to meet two of her students (Hi Noriko! Hi Chiharu!) and see what they are working on.
They both made pincushions from Quilting on the Go with adorable hedgehog buttons (how did I not get a screen shot of that?), and Chiharu is working on a sewing kit (Mrs. K's pattern), with an EPP hexie front.  Isn't it cute?
I made my first sewing kit when I started visiting Mrs. K in 2002  (have I really known her for 12 years?!  Man, I miss Japan.), I should pull that out and blog about it some time.  Anyway, I've been admiring several sewing kits both in real life and on Instagram lately, and I hope to find time to make a new one for myself soon.  If you've made one or have seen a cute one online,  I'd love to see it.  Please send me links.

It would be …

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/7

I'm late today, but it's worth it.  I've been working all week on Travel Quilt #5 and here's my progress:
Two full diamonds and most of a 3rd.

I've also been cutting fabric for the next few.  I don't know how big this will be, but I'd like to have 20 diamonds finished before summer gets here.

You guys have been making great progress, and I love that our community of busy stitchers keeps growing.  Most weeks we have at least 10 links, and it has gone as high as 16.. but I know there are more of you out there.  Today I'm offering some incentive to have you all come, link up, and document your progress.
Timeless Treasures has generously shared some of their pre-cut packs of hexagons to give away to our EPP community.  Each pack has one of every color in their Rain Basics line, and fit perfectly on a 1" hexie.  (You may remember I was working with a pack of these last summer)  These pre-cuts are not available in stores, but yardage of Rain is available …

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/6

I had another wonderful workshop this weekend.  My friend Laura from NYC Mod invited me to teach EPP to her local guild further out on Long Island.  It was a very comfortable intimate class, with just 13 quilters sitting at tables in her living room.  Most had done EPP before, and the rest caught on quickly.  We chatted and stitched, the time just flew by, but by the end, there were some completed units and we agreed that they will all have progress to show when I come visit their guild next month.

I love teaching, but when I get home I always want to just sit and SEW!  I did make progress on TQ#5-- one full diamond and most of a second.  Let me keep working and I'll have pics next week.
Thank you for linking up today!
Don't forget to comment when you visit the links below!!

Travel Quilt #5

I couldn't fit any more into my last post, but I needed to share this important quilting milestone-- I started Travel Quilt #5 on the train to the NYC Mod meeting last weekend.  (Well, I cut fabric and filled my sewing kit the night before, but I basted the first piece on the train).  #5?  Yes.

See, TQ#1 and #3 are finished (and well documented), TQ#2 is at the long armer's, and TQ#4 is a project I started when I was gathering ideas for Quilting on the Go, but it stalled when we chose to include other quilts.  The rest of the book projects, though mostly stitched while traveling, weren't numbered as such.

I came home from teaching last week full of so much positive creative energy.. I felt better than I have in months.  And I immediately had ideas for two new EPP quilts.  I was able to reign in my enthusiasm and only start one, but I jumped in with two feet and spend most of my free time last week working on it.  The idea was to make 1" hexies from Costas' old shi…

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/5

What a wonderful week for EPP!
I did a whole bunch of stitching today, but hardly any on my own projects.  I taught 2 workshops this week, and I think I'll share pics and progress from those today instead.

First up, the Long Island Quilters' Society.  This guild was so welcoming and their meeting was very well run!  It's an old school traditional guild (of 90 quilters in attendance, only about 4 admitted to reading quilt blogs) and it was so nice to spend the day with them.  One visiting quilter, Margaret, came to show me the EPP she had been working on since coming to my event at the East Meadow library last August.  Check these out.  She made 60 degree diamond stars and embelleshed them for Christmas ornaments.  These are really nice, and much fancier than the one I tried to make..
She also had a STACK of 12-piece star units.. I think she's ready to stitch them together..
I taught the pillow workshop to a group of 35 women and they all seemed to have a good time.  Ha…