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Empty and full

Last night I sewed.  and sewed and sewed and sewed.

Yesterday my friend lost her fight with leukemia.  Her husband sent me a text around lunch.  I was in class with 9th grade.  A coworker covered for me and I ran to the bathroom to cry and let the shock set in with some privacy.
This week (this month? this summer? this year?) my mind and heart have been struggling with so many challenges.  Life choices. Changes. Possibilities and options.  None of them ideal, none perfect.  I have been consumed wondering which direction my life will take, how much effort I should put in choosing the course and how risky it is to just wait and see where circumstances lead me.

But then, she died.
And through the course of the day yesterday all of my thoughts cleared out and my heart was left with a hollow empty feeling.  Loss.  Sadness and loss.
She was a good friend.  Kind, caring, thoughtful.  She had made me many small items over the years and as I hid out with my sorrow and grief in my sewing room …

I love September

Since I was in junior high.  I clearly remember the pleasure I got from the crisp air, the sky the color of my blue jeans.  I didn't learn about apple picking until I moved to New England in college.  Actually, that's probably when I started spending more time outside, walking to class, wandering around town and campus.  That's when I started exploring (in so many ways).
So for me, September still brings that freedom, deep breaths of satisfaction and appreciation.  A desire to spend hours outside doing absolutely nothing but enjoying myself.
I hope we can go apple picking this weekend but I haven't spent much time researching U-Pick options on Long Island.  Suggestions welcome.

This week I had my last Home Ec. Club meeting with the Elementary girls (in November a new group of students can sign up).  We made these..
I found this apple coaster pattern at Purl Soho.  I liked that they were cute and felt and looked easy enough for my 4th, 5th, and 6th graders to assemble.…

Monday Morning Star Count, September 21, 2015

More pentagons this week.  I need to get a picture (and write a real post) but I thought I'd toss up the linky anyway.  Where's your progress!!


Good Neighbors

Thank you for the kind comments and words of encouragement on my MMSC post yesterday.  I completely agree, bloggers who write honestly and authentically have a certain quality that makes them very readable.  I love ones who share so much of themselves and their lives, blogs that come to mind of being of that style are here, here and here.  Love, truth, struggle, honesty.  And so beautifully written.  I fear that this style works best when the writers are "normal" or dealing with socially acceptable problems.. and I can't say that all of my challenges right now fall into those categories.  I am making tough choices, choosing to do what I feel is right over what society, my family and my loved ones may expect.  And it's hard, but it's so worth it.

You have all been good neighbors to me, and I am so thankful.  So here, let me show you a quilt I made..

When AmandaJean announced she had new fabric coming out with Connecting Threads, I jumped at the chance to help her…


I know this space has been kind of quiet lately, or more EPP focused, but if you want to hear me talk about my new book, Get Started Quilting, then please tune in this afternoon to Pat Sloan's podcast! Follow this link to listen live, 4pm EST.

Upcoming in person events--  My Saturday Stitches group at the Rockville Centre Public Library is starting back up again next month.  Please join us from 10-12 on the following Saturdays this fall: October 3 & 17 November 7 & 21 December 5 & 19
I also hope to do a separate book signing event at the library, I'll update the Events tab when the date is finalized.  
If your quilt group would like to have me come speak and show off a bunch of my quilts, I would love to set something up!  I've got some flexibility for travel in 2016 and I'd like to hang out with quilters as much as possible.  Please send me an email if you're interested and I can shoot out my list of lecture and workshop topics.  jessunderquilts at gm…

Monday Morning Star Count, September 14, 2015

Happy Monday, All~ Have you been stitching?  My pentagons are increasing slowly, I've got 4 rings and I'm pondering layout.. I need some greens I think,  and more orange.  Do you like the lighter or more saturated rings?  My gut tells me to make more and then see how to balance them (but life seems to give me that sort of advice about a lot of things..) Which brings me to a nice transition--- Life has tossed me some rather large stepping stones in the past few months and even when I have nothing to do, I've got a lot to think about.  I try not to let these thoughts encroach on my quilting time (in fact, my super wonderful therapist suggests that I keep quilting to stay centered..) but they do get in the way of blogging.  It's so much easier to toss progress pics up on instagram than to sort through my feelings and ideas and pull something eloquent together to say in a blog post about a couple hours of sewing.  Sometimes there just are no words, you know?  Thank you, t…