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Pillow process

I saw these sprocket pillows on Poppy Makes blog last week and thought it could be a fun project to sew together with George.  I did a rough fabric pull (about 18 prints) and then let him choose the ones he wanted in the pillow.  He wreaked havoc on the sewing room as I cut the spokes, and then he helped arrange them on the design wall.  I thought he'd help sew them together, but he was busy drawing pictures and wasn't interested in the sewing machine until I decided to quilt the pillow front (that can of spray baste catches his eye every time..).  I wanted to make a floor cushion for his room so I wanted it to be a bit sturdier than the Cluck Cluck Sew tutorial calls for.  I added a layer of batting and quilted the front and back, but left the side fabric strip unquilted. 
Things were going well (and fast!) until I sat with George in my lap yesterday to quilt the back.  I let him unscrew the regular foot and we put on the walking foot, and somehow (did I say something?) he …

thank god it's FRIDAY!

Not having been a 9-5er in a few years, I've kind of forgotten the sense of relief that comes from hopping in your car after work on a Friday afternoon.  But now we've got a new reason to celebrate Fridays-- Laura and M-R had the great idea to have a moving show and tell of sorts, TGIFF, where we all link up at somebody's blog each friday and show off our recent finishes.  Different than other linky finish parties, this one travels, and you have the opportunity to host one week, should you want to.

This week I'm happy to show off the Simple Squares quilt I made for my friend's son.  Started in July, all this needed was binding for months, and I finally got it sewed down just in time for the cooler weather. 

I quilted in my default wavy line pattern.  So simple, so easy.  I wonder if I'll ever try to freemotion any other patterns...

On the back I put a large scale Alexander Henry print of Chinese toys.  It'll give Logan something to look at from underneath …

Sweet treats

Did I mention that I love Halloween?
So much that I make George have a halloween-themed birthday party every year?
Costas always says that we should save time and order a cake, but he just doesn't understand that it's so much fun to make sweets for the party!
Ghosts were made by piping melted white chocolate onto wax paper.  Add eyes in dark chocolate or sprinkles.
Cupcakes were from a box mix (pillsbury dark chocolate) with chocolate chips added in.  G and I made them together, then I frosted them, he added sprinkles, and I popped on a ghost.  The activity in itself was 10x as fun as eating them..
But they were pretty tasty..
For the record, we did get a bakery cake this year too, tres leche from the local Colombian place (I swear, Costas has something against American baked goods).  In silent protest, I didn't eat any, but I heard it was great.  Not as cute as my cupcakes though..
And the birthday boy-- Superman.  He was wearing two layers under the costume so it actua…

Enjoying the season

It really hasn't gotten cold here in Long Island yet, so not many of the neighborhood trees have changed, and there is a definite lack of leaves on the ground.  I'm not complaining though because the weather has been perfect (right around 70 and overcast/rainy, my favorite~), and I know the cold will come soon.  Even still, I'm doing my best to enjoy my favorite month and favorite season..
This is my all time favorite coffee mug (though I've been drinking an awful lot of tea lately..)

And this has become my favorite handmade gift..
Starting pre-school has meant that George all the sudden has tons of friends just his age, and we've been getting birthday party invitations like crazy~  I don't know any of the parents (or the kids) well so I didn't really know what to go with, but then I remembered how much fun George had with his apron, and how much Sabrina loved the one we made her.  Every 3-yr-old wants to help mom in the kitchen, right?

I put the elastic in…

Merrill's Stars

Today I'm happy to share with you the EPP star quilt pieced by my good friend Merrill.  She doesn't have a blog, but she's a huge supporter of mine, and my favorite weekly playdate (glad our kids get along, we sure have a lot of quilting to talk about..).
I introduced Merrill to English paper piecing right after I started Travel Quilt #3, and she took to it pretty fast.  Over the past year we'd keep each other motivated and trade diamonds when we got sick of our own stashes.  She added the last star to her top this week, and I asked her to write a post to tell you about it..
Merrill's StarsI remember the first time I saw Jessica's travel quilt. I was in awe, but thought there was no way I could possibly make anything like it. After all, I had only been quilting for two years. I can barely sew a straight line. Being a new mom, I hadn't sewn in quite a while. And I had never hand pieced anything. Jessica convinced me to give it a shot. I decided I would m…

The problem with UFOs

is that when you pick them up again (the lucky ones), you can't always find all the pieces..
I wanted this spiderweb to be a big project, so I went out and bought plain newsprint at Office Max, big sheets, 18" x 24".  I cut them into 11" triangles, and made a nice template for the kites out of hard plastic.  I started the project, and then it got pushed aside.
For the longest time I kept one triangle pinned to my design wall so I wouldn't forget about it completely, and I stopped myself from using the 4 yards of taupe fabric in anything else, but when I started back in last week, I couldn't find the kite template for the life of me.
I rearranged the sewing room since then, pulled everything out of the closets in August when the roof got a leak, and did a huge sort and pitch overhaul to get rid of some clutter.  I had almost given up hope of finding it, but lo and behold, there it was, slid right between my other rulers.

and now I know when I started this q…


isn't it fitting to make a spiderweb quilt in October?
I don't remember when I cut and pieced the first triangles for this one, with it's soothing taupe background, but I have been focused on it for the past week, and I hope to continue through the fall.  There really isn't a deadline, I want it to be big, big enough for our tall queen sized bed (at least 100" x 100"), and I don't really have the money to have it quilted yet, so I'm not rushing. 
I've wanted to make this one since I finished George's and daydreamed about it countless times as I pet the one that covers his bed.
I love this pattern.  I love string quilts, but the spiderweb is very balanced, yet there's still so much to look at.  I'm happy that I've worked on a bunch of projects since I finished the first one, so my strip scrap stash is new, different, and overflowing. 

In this first set of blocks I've pieced, I'm subconciously drawn to coral-reds and yellow…