Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rose Star #2

I've cut fabric to make 4 rose star blocks, and the 3rd is already half pieced.  If I don't put away the pile of red, green & light turquoise fabric that's sitting on the ironing board I might end up making this thing into a full sized quilt..

At the moment, I like what I've got done and it's been fun to do.  School starts again this week so I need to take a break from obsessively thinking about quilts and trolling flickr and pinterest.  Once I get my classes into a groove, I'll dip back and find a work/quilt balance again.  Maybe I can finish stars 3 and 4 before then?  Wish me luck..

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rose Star Block Party

Although it wasn't completely obvious to me at the onset, a goal to "bust stash" really gives me free reign to start as many new quilts as I want, right?  win win!
When Clare first posted that she was going to share how she made her Rose Star quilt block, I knew I'd be up for whatever QAL she set up.  Lucky me, it turned into a block party with no overly demanding deadlines or expectations.. making just one block was fine, but.. can you really just stop with one?
I finished this one today, stitching up one of the sides during George's swimming lesson. 
Thank you, Clare, for giving me a handwork project to take with me.  As you know, I am no stranger to epp, but this block is so much different than the diamonds and hexies I've pieced in the past.  First off, the pieces are HUGE.
And surprisingly, they go together really fast.
(no, I did not stitch the whole thing at the pool, just one side [blue, green, green, print, blue] section.) 
And I have a new favorite shape-- the kite.  Yeah, it's a bit strange to baste with 90 degree angles, but it's sooo cute!  and versatile!  I can see myself getting sucked into an entire epp kite quilt, just you wait.
I have already cut and basted most of the templates for my second Rose Star block, let the block party continue~

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


warm cuddly quilts on the couch = happiness.
a quilt done in the first week of the new year = happiness.

I love having this quilt on the couch.  The seed of inspiration came a looong time ago on a photo on Luckybeans' blog (which I can't find now) of a basket weave quilt with red center strips.  Thanks Katurah.  Never knew I'd actually make it, but now that I did, I'm glad I remembered where the idea came from.
Inspiration for the flowers came from a bunch of places, this one from the Material Obsession book, and this one by Nifty mainly.  Renewed love of applique thanks to Shelly, as I mentioned before.
the quilting, oh the quilting.. at first I thought I'd try clam shells..but a test piece didn't work out so well, so I opted to play around with flowers and swirls.  It was fun.  Some worked out the way I wanted, but I need more practice with meanders because I didn't always know how to get out of the area I had just quilted.. move up?  move right?  the pattern lended itself to going in a L--> R direction, but then I had issues rolling the whole quilt back up and shoving it under the machine again.  Thank goodness it was a small quilt.
I backed it in a soft vintage (1980s?) purple that I got out of the Atlanta guild's ugly box in 2003.  I had 4 yards of it, taking up space in the stash for years.. It just worked so perfectly with this quilt, I'm happy it found a home.   What is it with me and purple these days?  I think I just have so much of it and I was tired of feeling like I couldn't use it because I live with two guys.  Yeah, whatever.  A quilt is a quilt.  If I buy floral fabric or girly colors, I need to use it!  Enough of my self-imposed rules-- I commit to make what I feel like making~
On my label I used both nengajo stamps-- the bunny from 2011 and the sea horse from 2012.  God it feels good to have a finish in 2012 already...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hit the ground running

Stash busting is the goal of the year, right?  Well, I started a new board on pinterest and it's filling up pretty quick.  If you have suggestions I'd love to hear them (send links and I'll pin them, k?)
I actually started this one last week, right after my awesome stitch n bitch on the 29th.  Bernadette wanted to start something new and I pointed her in the direction of one of my favs-- Material Obsession's "Fractured" quilt.  She dove right in and started piecing, and the rest of us joked that it would be our little group's first challenge quilt.  Silly me, I took up the challenge...
I have always wanted to make this quilt, and even started with a test block a few years ago (which I can't find, btw).  The pattern was printed in Down Under Quilts, issue #136 from 2009.  If you don't subscribe, it is also available for purchase here
Nifty made one a while back and I love how hers came out, especially the back.  I hope mine ends up that cool.  I absolutely love that it will take 112 fabrics if I do each block with two separate prints.  Yes, I definitely have that much stash, and yes, it will be a pleasure to bust it.  :)

I spend most of the week pulling fabrics, pairing them, and cutting blocks.  I'll slash some and make piles at the sewing machine to get to when I've got a few minutes to spare.  I think this will be a good machine project for once school starts again and I won't have a lot of planning time in the sewing room.  Right now I've been pulling  a lot of purples..
I think my initial turn off when I did the test block a few years back was having to trim up each patch before completing the 9-patch, but now I'm not so scared of that.  The motivation to use up fabric is really compelling, I guess I'm willing to do anything..
Anyone else start in on your 2012 quilt goals yet?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

I have more than a few New Year's resolutions this year, most stemming from the important realization that I do have the power to live the life I want.  So this is my first-- when possible, choose to be happy.  If it means appreciating the things I have or learning to let go and try something new, I am going to make a conscious effort to be happy more often than not.  And in case I forget, I put it on a quilt to remind myself.

My other goals for 2012:
  • find homes for those orphan blocks
  • revisit awesome projects that got shelved for one reason or another
  • crumb quilt?
Here's hoping that 2012 brings happiness to everybody, at least most of the time..

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