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Becky teaches EPP

(This post could also have been called "why I have the coolest friends in the world")

This week my old college roommate was visiting from the UK and so a few of our old housemates got together for some girl time (and baby cuddling).  The baby was sweet and took a nice long nap, so after I popped dinner in the oven, we all sat around the living room and chatted about things.  Not surprisingly (or uncommon in my house and in my current circle of friends), Becky was stitching and chatting and talk turned to quilting. 
 Now Rachel and Trish aren't quilters (yet), so understandably they had a lot of questions.  Before I could answer any, Becky jumped down and started pulling out sprockets and templates... it was great.  Usually I'm the one going on obsessively about EPP, but not this time!
Becky is making a Sprocket quilt, from Christina's tutorial and quilt along.  She started it just a few weeks ago and already has 4 done, with a 5th nearly ready.

Her background is …

Bloggers' Quilt Festival-- Tanuki Stripe

It wasn't any fun to miss out on the Bloggers' Quilt Festival last year-- I was making great quilts but needed to keep them under wraps, but now I'm happy to share!

This is my Tanuki Stripe quilt, one of the patterns available in my book.

I love this quilt.  I made it as a wedding present for my friends Amy & Jake, but since I got it back from the publisher I haven't had a chance to give it to them.  Maybe soon (though I almost want to keep it)?
You must forgive me for the less-than-glamorous cellphone camera photos.  The photography in the book is really lovely and I've gotten used to seeing my quilts either in person or in the beautiful clear and stylishly composed book photos.  I'm almost ashamed to post such low-quality pictures, but then I remember that I'ma quilter, not a photographer.  This is a real quilt, with blood, sweat, tears and wrinkles.  Made with love for a friend who is a part of so many of my most favorite memories.  I hope you'…

Finding myself..

on other people's blogs today!  Thanks you guys!

Shannon (who quilted three of the quilts in the book) wrote a blog post on my book this morning and shares some details on how she helped with the project.  Read her post here.

And Jo at Sewing is for girls did up a real nice review of the book (full of photos and information) in a blog post last week.  (Oh, the things you find when you Google yourself..)  You can read it here.

I'm going to enter one of the book quilts in the Bloggers' Quilt Festival later this week, as soon as I can get some decent photos.  So pop back later for that, ok?

I think I need a bigger design wall..

but that means we'd have to raise the ceiling a few feet...
I've been making steady progress on my Orphan Block Soup quilt.  This morning I finished the pink slabs (they measure roughly 16.5" square):
 Then I paired them with the taupe and made HSTs.  I haven't trimmed them down yet but just threw them up on the wall to see how it was going.  I pulled out the blue circle block from the bottom of a "I'll work on this when I have the time" bin and gave it a good press.  Only one of the circles is appliqued.  I really want to use that block, and I'd love to do up one or three more, but I know me and when I start to add on to quilts with hand appliqued plans, they usually end up back in the bin.
I have tons more of the taupe fabric (I bought some years ago, loved it and went back to buy the rest of the bolt), so I guess I could test out a bunch of options, but that's really not like me.  I think I'll look at it for a while longer, make a decision…

a quilt for Jason

Large or small, there's nothing frustrating about actually having the quilt completed.  A finish is a finish, after all..
It's tiny, 30 1/4" x 40"
Made with love for a little guy I hope I'll get to meet one day.
Hope to get this in the mail tomorrow~


So today, with some encouragement from Frederick and Chase, I'm working on this quilt.  I stripped away some of the blocks and a clearer design came into focus..

I've been reading (actually reading, not just looking at the pictures) Sunday Morning Quilts this week and I finally felt ready to build up some slabs of pink with crumbs and strings, in hopes of making giant HSTs (not unlike Lori's quilt, here) and turning this into a cheery medallion of a sort.

The crumb piecing is slow and the kids are needy interested in hanging out with me in the sewing room, but the idea is clear in my mind, so I'm determined to work on this as long as the mood keeps me.
 It's turning into a pretty beautiful Mother's Day-- the big guys are outside gardening, the little guy is asleep.. so it looks like I may get in a blog post AND sewing time this afternoon.  Hope you're just as lucky~
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there~

(Btw, I finished the baby quilt, it will g…

Small Quilts

I'm a bit frustrated that I've only made small quilts so far this year.  I have big UFOs, and I have big ideas, but my time in the sewing room is still limited (though Jack did like it when I set up his floor mat play thingy in there), so I shouldn't be too hard on myself.

I am making this quilt for my cousin's baby, born just 6 weeks before Jack, way far away in Illinois.  I haven't seen this cousin for a long time, and I don't know if our sons will ever get a chance to meet each other, but I care, and want her to know that, so I'm making a quilt.  I don't quite know how else to bridge the distance between us.

It's a simple sashed four-patch, wavy line quilting on a diagonal this time.  Judging by how fast Jack is growing, little Jason probably won't be small enough to use this for more than another year or so, but I hope he likes playing with it anyway.
Oh, and I'm finally getting the hang of Instagram.  It's awfully fun and a heck of …

Happy Easter!!

It is not always easy to combine cultures and traditions in regards to holidays in our house (especially when said holiday falls right at the end of a busy semester).  Easter was much easier last year when we were actually in Greece.  But as a mom it's my job to try to find fun in anything we do, so this is a peek at how we did Easter this year..

A little crafting..

Some egg decorating..

Easter baskets..

Family time..

No church, candles, visits to or from any bunnies.  No lamb on the spit, no family party.  It's tough, pulling it together on your own.  Easter is such a social, traditional holiday, aside from the spiritual religious part.  But we're doing our best.

There's an egg hunt planned for this afternoon and Greek food for dinner.   (and maybe quilt binding during nap time? but I won't get my hopes up..)

May 2

My sister Theresa would have been 27 today.  Tea, we miss you.

This pic was taken in June 1999, at the Irish Dancing competition in Chicago's Gaelic Park.  I didn't know much about Irish Dancing, but Theresa liked it, and I loved listening to the music.  So today I'll be watching Solas on youtube and thought I'd share some here too..

Hexie Pillow

I'm so happy to share a finish today~
This is the first sizeable project that I started and finished in 2013. 
(I have been working on a bunch of long-term big quilts in my poorly lit sewing room that I'd love to post about, but the window of opportunity to get good photos is so small... I'll keep trying)
This is the Hexagon pillow project from my book (see below) and I made this one to be raffled off at a promo event my publisher is going to next week.  The pattern is amazingly simple and a great one to start with if you want to give EPP a try.  I also think pillows are a good option when you want to try out a new EPP shape or pattern but you're not ready to commit to a whole quilt (or just end up with another UFO).  I'm itching to test out some other pattern ideas myself..
For this pillow I chose a color palette and then pulled fabric from my stash.  It may seem a little "patriotic", but you've got to forgive me, I was watching West Wing on Netflix …