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March 28

As the weather gets warmer and Jack gets bigger, we are slowly venturing out of our nest..
I'm reluctant to leave the comforts of home though, and still many friends are coming to us instead of vice versa (sometimes regretfully, as I wasn't brave enough to meet up with Nifty as she took in the sights around NYC!). 
Last weekend though we were treated to a much appreciated visit from Bernadette.  After an attempt  to go out with the boys (it was quite disastrous), we headed home.  As I gave George a bath, Bernadette played with my pile of hexies and started piecing..
When George was done, he decided to help.

I love that he feels all of my friends come over just to play with him.  (And I am grateful that my friends indulge him).  After stitching for a while, we went outside to play soccer and he made obstacle courses for us to practice through.  Ha!  I wonder how soon he'll figure out that I have absolutely no soccer skills.. we had fun trying though.
I have spent the rest o…

My Big Secret

You may have thought that making a baby was the biggest thing I did last year (and the reason for my insomnia and introspection), but that's only half the story. 

Today I'm happy to announce that I wrote a book:

It will be released on June 11, 2013, but it is available for pre-order from these retailers and hopefully at a quilt shop or book store near you!

It's no secret that I've been obsessed with English paper piecing for about 6 years now.. I started piecing a few 60 degree diamonds on a plane to Japan in '07 and I was hooked. 
 My book explains my method of EPP with step-by-step photos, tips, tricks and detailed instructions to make 10 projects.  It also has a collection of nearly 40 EPP pattern designs to spark your creativity, and (my favorite part of the book) 10 full pages of photo-copyable graph paper for you to plan out your next project. 

I am so excited to finally be able to share this all with you.  I hope you'll join me in my love for English p…

Nothing too small

I used to see projects in Japanese quilt magazines where you'd first have to piece together tiny tiny little shapes, quilt it, then cut the little patchwork into another shape to fashion into some other part of a larger project.  I used to just flip right past those fussy, time consuming little projects, too small to be worth the trouble.  But not anymore..
Having all of those basted hexagons ready to sew whenever the creativity strikes is a really empowering feeling.. (quilting can be empowering, right?) My work was cut in half.  Making the whole damn thing was practically mindless (until the assembly part, which kicked my butt, but I'm guessing that's 'cause I'm still going on less sleep than I should be..), but most of all, VERY enjoyable.

And isn't it cute?!  Hope my friend likes it. 
p.s. I have some news to share in the coming week... make sure to stop back and see what I've been hiding. ;)

A bit of Thursday

We've got this quilt on the bed right now (baby spit up on the other one..):

And I find myself spending a lot of time thinking about it at 12, 3, and 5 in the morning as I pace back and forth around the room trying to get Jack to burp or fall back asleep.  It was a good quilt.  Some awesome memories in the t-shirts:

I have also been pondering the fabrics but I have a separate post brewing on that topic...

And so I decided to take one of George's old-but-loved tees

And play around a bit..

He is helping-- pulled out a big pile of fabrics for me to choose from.  Too sweet.
Have you been crafty yet today?

Tuesday's progress

The pile of hexagons grows

And sure enough, inspiration struck

A tiny gift for a friend (a swap maybe?).  Hope I can get it done before I see her again.
It's so easy to machine quilt, but today I read Chase'spost on hand quilting and thought it might work well here too..

Has anyone else been working on something small?


I have wanted to make a crumb quilt forever.  I have been collecting crumbs, sorting crumbs, ironing crumbs.. ask any of my quilting friends and it's the one project I keep talking about month after month..
But now, after a baby, I thought maybe this isn't the time to start a sewing-room-intensive quilt.  I have more free time while he naps in the stroller after we walk George to school, or if he falls asleep on me as I chat with friends or family on the couch.. so hand piecing it is.
And my crumbs started to find  their way into this box:

and onto these templates:

and then into this pile:

They are 3/4" hexies and I only have a vague idea of what I'm going to do with them.  For now, I figure I might as well cover all the templates I have and get these crumbs lined up to become something, what ever that may be.

The added benefit is that having an EPP project in my diaper bag is that it is helping me stay happy and remember who I am.  Not always easy as we adjust to be…

Taking Care, part 2

This past week my sister has been staying with us.  I don't get to see her often-- I try to make the trip home once a year, and she tries to come visit us once a year.  That's maybe a total of 14 days.  It's crazy to stop and think about how time has passed, how we "grew up".  In my mind, she's still about 14, maybe 17, but definitely not reaching 30.  (I'm in denial that Costas is nearly 40 too).

It amazes me that in only two weeks a year, George has developed such a strong attachment to his only aunt.. probably helps that she spoils him, and that she became his primary caregiver for the entire time she was here.  Sure, I'm still Mom, but my hands were always full, my mind either groggy or focused on some other pressing need.  I haven't been very good at playing lately.  But Aunt Lori? Man!  I was impressed and touched at the amount of attention she could focus on him, the way she'd get him to cooperate, and encourage him to be creative, imag…

Taking Care

How lucky I am, to have so many friends who want to take care of me, to make me comfortable and to spoil me and my children.  In today's post I want to say THANK YOU to all of them (you) for the kind words, emails, fb messages, cards, presents and visits that have filled my recent weeks.

Jack is 6 weeks old today, and I wanted to share a few of the thoughful gifts we have received:
In my last post, I mentioned a new quilt, all the way from Hokkaido, here it is:
 Hand appliqued, embroidered, and hand quilted by the lovely Mrs. Kubota.  xoxo!
We also received a super soft and cuddly crocheted afghan from Merrill:
(need to add the photo later, he's currently sleeping with it!)
and some wonderful stew from Bernadette!

There were also many many cute sleepers, onsies, outfits, and a new stuffed doggy.  Many friends also brought big brother presents for George which were definitely appreciated.

My sister has been here for the past couple days, and her help (round the clock) is a pres…