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Monday Morning Star Count 10

It's Monday again and I don't have too much to show for the week..

I haven't finished the 7th star or any more fillers, just basted a pile of hexies.
My book signing last Monday went well though.. ok, it was pretty awesome.  I got to talk quilting with 40 women and give a simple demo to non-quilters.  That was fun!  Well, I guess more than half of the attendees were quilters, and I suppose I have a reputation around these parts because someone actually brought me a bag of scrap fabric, hehe.  Now that I know the work that goes into planning an event and the excitement that comes out of one, I am ready (and waiting) for the next one..

So..  next week will be our last MMSC.. link up today and we'll push you to be as productive as possible by then!

Monday Morning Star Count 9

Whew!  The end of summer is near!
We've been so lucky here in NY and have had beautiful weather all August.  I hope wherever you are the temps have been pleasant too.  We got a letter this week from George's elementary school and Kindergarten will be starting sooner than we know it.  Since Labor Day (Sept. 2) is the official "end" of summer around here, I figure that will be the last Monday Morning Star Count of this summer.  2 more weeks, how many stitches can you get in before then?

I am making slow progress, star #6 is finished but instead of starting on the 7th and final star, I started basting and piecing the filler neutral shapes.  I always do that-- stop just short of the finish line and jump to something else.. oh well.  I need to attach these stars so I can free up templates, you know how it goes..

How many stars do you have?

Handmade Happiness

Sometimes there are people that come into your life that are so special, you don't know how to express your love in any way other than making them a quilt.
Of course, I would love to make quilts for everyone I love, and I hope I get to some day.  Like for my grandmothers, and all my aunts.  For my cousins and all their children... maybe one day.
But sometimes, the timing is just right, and you'll find yourself with a person, an event, and just enough time to make them a quilt. 
Little B lives next door. 
She and George get along pretty well and her family has taken us in, treating us as one of their own, inviting us to every family party and making us feel not so alone out here. 

So when the invitation came for her birthday party a few weeks ago, I knew this was the year I'd make her a quilt.
I had some maverick star blocks in my UFO pile so I pulled them out, made a few more, squared them up, and added some sweet sashing.
 A big pink border and some swirly quilting and I …

Monday Morning Star Count 8

Good morning!  Before I report on my own progress, I need to send you all over to Frederick's blog to check out the Rose Star quilt that he just finished.  Frederick and I share a love of EPP (I think he'll tell you I started it, but really, he has been an inspiration and motivation to me more than he gives himself credit for.  Check out his other quilts while you're over there..) and I have been watching as this quilt grew for months.  Clare's Rose Star pattern and tutorial is a great place to start if you're interested in playing with multi-template English paper piecing patterns.  I made a few myself but then had to shelve them when the book came along.  They are fun in that you get to play around with fabric combinations differently than with a one-patch pattern.  There's a flickr group that Frederick links to, tons of inspiration can be found in there as well..

But back to my own stars.. I finished star #5, and have laid out all the hexies for star 6, but …

Mark your calendars-- Book Signing!

What are you doing on Monday, August 19th at 7:30 p.m.?
If you're free, why not come out to my first book signing?

I'll be doing an EPP demo (hands on fun!) and book signing at the East Meadow Public Library.  Directions can be found here.  
You can see all of the projects and samples from the book in person!  Ask any question that's been on your mind, and have a nice chat with a room full of quilters.  I'll have copies of Quilting on the Go for sale, as well as some EPP templates and small/medium bags of fabric scraps.  The first 75 guests will receive sample template packs from  Hope to see you there~~
When:         Monday, August 19th, 7:30 pm Where:        East Meadow Public Library, lower level                     1886 Front Street                     East Meadow, NY

Monday Morning Star Count 7

*big sigh*
I guess I've fallen into a routine again because it seems I just catch my breath and it's Monday again!  Huge apologies to everyone who has commented or linked up that I didn't get to reply to this week.. whenever my eyes turn off my kids and towards my phone, they quickly snap me back to attention.  I've had to wait til after bed to spend any real time online or in the sewing room, and I just haven't been able to keep up.  I'll keep trying though.  I LOVE seeing what you all are doing!
As for me..
I finished star #4!

Have you seen the amazing English paper piecing that's been stitched up this summer?  If you're new to the MMSCount, be sure to check out the lovely shades of blue here, here, and here, some yellow, orange and blue over here (one of my favorite color combos), and some crazy tiny hexies over here (and I thought mine were small..)

Now that I've got 4 stars done, I thought I could join them and see my Seven Sisters pattern come…

Pin Cushion Tutorial at Timeless Treasures Blog

We've had a busy week and I almost missed it, but I just need to share that I've got a tutorial up over at Sew Timeless, the Timeless Treasures blog.
Come on over and learn how to make the English paper pieced pin cushion pattern from Quilting on the Go!
It's quick, it's easy, and you can try out EPP (or new fabric combos) without committing to a whole quilt!  If you make one, let me know~